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Autonomous Digital Intelligence 

AIOps to Predict & Prevent IT incidents affecting your bottom line

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Meet Sophie AIOps



Sophie is an Autonomous Digital Intelligence solution
that prevents IT incidents before customers are affected
and provides resolutions in plain English.

By automatically analyzing IT ops data in real time,
Sophie's intelligence helps you achieve 93% alert noise reduction
and 45% MTTR improvement in your daily IT Operations.

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Take Monitoring to the Next Level with Sophie AIOps

AIOPs Predict

Become Proactive

Apply proactive AI-logging
to accurately predict IT incidents based on previous data


Alert Fatigue

Reduce noise alert by 93% and only focus on issues that need your attention


Resolve Issues

Improve your mean-time-to-resolution by 45% and keep the business running

AIOPs Insight

Deliver Your Best

Attend to issues before they impact your customers

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Presenting: Predictive Ticketing



Get notified about your customer experience problems before your customers notice.

Loom's Predictive Ticketing™ solution helps organizations solve issues before they reach customers, with its predictive AI-based ticketing solution.

Loom's AIOps solution learns your ITSM-generated past incidents, correlates it with log records, and predicts when the incidents are going to occur again. This ensures smooth operations, with no downtime, no outages and no threat to ongoing activity.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced customer loyalty
  • Lower churn rates
  • Increased profitability
  • Prolonged customer lifetime value (CLV). 


Predictive Ticketing Solution →



Harness AIOps to Predict Customer Support Tickets

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Master Your Data with Intellipacks


Realize the power of your data using Intellipacks - technology-specific intelligence packs provided with Sophie's core features to identify significant and hidden issues, starting from the moment of integration.
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We're Officially Cool!

Loom Systems Named a 2017 Gartner Cool Vendor in Performance Analysis

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  • Loom Systems AWS Partner
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