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About Loom Systems

What We Do


Loom Systems' Sophie is a patent-pending AIOps solution that predicts and solves IT incidents in enterprises undergoing a digital transformation or cloud migration. Sophie is the only AIOps solution to predict IT incidents before they impact customers, and enrich alerts with insights and resolutions in plain English. This not only keeps operations running smoothly and improves business productivity, but also alleviates the tedium of reading logs and frees up time for operations to concentrate on higher-value IT tasks.


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Executive Team

Gabby Menachem

Gabby Menachem


Gabby brings over 15 years of technology innovation and entrepreneurship experience to Loom Systems. Gabby was previously co-founder and CTO of Voyager Analytics, a product that analyzes social network data with a range of customers that include leading financial institutions. Prior to that, Gabby served as GM and VP R&D in a microwave engineering startup.



Ronny Lehmann


Ronny began his career with 8 years in the IDF’s elite 8200 unit leading R&D teams in cyber and algorithms projects and implementations. Prior to joining Loom Systems, Ronny was VP of R&D at BioCatch, a leading provider of behavioral biometric, authentication and malware detection solutions through machine learning and signal processing.


Dror Mann

Dror Mann

VP Product

Previously the Head of Product at Voyager Analytics, Dror has over a decade of experience with product and project management consulting on multiple projects with top Israeli companies including IAI (Israel Aerospace Industry), Matrix and the IDF on the implementation of big data analytics and intelligence projects.



Limor Farchy


As CFO of Loom, Limor oversees all of the company’s financial affairs, drafting budgets, and managing all fiscal reporting activities of the company. Limor brings over 10 years of expertise in the financial activities of companies and NPOs. Limor is a CPA and holds an MBT degree (Master of Business Taxation). Before Loom she was a CFO in The Society for Advancement of Education (SAE). Previously, Limor managed audit teams in PwC.