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AWS Cloudtrail Log Analysis Powered by AI

Smart, Unified, Real-time, and Proactive Operational Analytics for AWS Cloudtrail

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Boost Your Cloud Trail Monitoring with Real-time Analytics

AWS Cloud Trail is a service that enables compliance, operational and risk auditing of your AWS account. Cloud Trail logs contain critical events related to API calls across your AWS infrastructure. AWS Cloud Trail logs provide an audit trail of modifications to and interactions with your AWS-hosted deployments. They provide vital insights for both operational and security related issues.

Using Loom System out-of-the-box monitoring solution for your AWS infrastructure will simply boost your organization performance by gaining stronger compliance, deep-level visibility into user and resource activity and automated discovery of security vulnerabilities.

Eliminate Blind Spots in Your Cloudtrail

AWS Cloud Trail is a web service that records your AWS application API calls and delivers complex log files to you for audit and analysis. Loom systems automatically monitor every log line and metrics without blind spots including records such as:

  • Identity of the API caller.

  • Timestamp of the API call.

  • Source IP address of the API caller.

  • Request parameters.

  • Response elements returned by the AWS service.

Stronger Compliance

Loom systems solution for AWS Cloud Trail enable you to simplify your organization compliance policy by automatically identify out of compliance events, accelerate incident root cause analysis investigations, and provide immediate responses to auditor requests.

Visibility into User and Resource Activity

By using Loom for AWS Cloud Trail you will gain deep level visibility into your user and resource activity, automatically identify any abnormal activities including which users and accounts called AWS, the source IP address from which the calls were made, and when the calls occurred.

Security Automated Analysis

Loom systems automatically discover security vulnerabilities and operational issues that occurred in your AWS account.

Unlock the Value of Your AWS Cloudtrail Data

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