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AWS Lambda Log Monitoring Powered by AI

Smart, Unified, Real-time, and Proactive Operational Analytics For AWS Lambda

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Boost Your Lambda Monitoring with Real-time Analytics Powered by AI.

Lambda metrics provide critical information about the requests and performance of the application, as well as application errors. In order to effectively manage an AWS Lambda, it is necessary to get feedback about the activity and performance of the application, as well as any problems that may be occurring.

Loom Systems monitors every transaction, across every layer, without blind spots. Improve the performance of your AWS Lambda with continuous insights into your applications. AWS Lambda automatically monitors functions on your behalf, reporting metrics through Amazon CloudWatch.

AWS Lambda CloudWatch Metrics

To help you monitor your code as it executes, Loom automatically tracks the number of requests. The AWS/Lambda includes the following metrics:

  • Invocations

  • Errors

  • Dead Letter Error

  • Duration

  • Throttles


Measures the number of times a function is invoked in response to an event or invocation API call. This includes successful and failed invocations, but does not include throttled attempts.


Measures the number of invocations that failed due to errors in the function (response code 4XX). This includes:

  • Handled exceptions (for example, context.fail(error))

  • Unhandled exceptions causing the code to exit

  • Out of memory exceptions

  • Timeouts

  • Permissions errors

Dead Letter Error

Incremented when Lambda is unable to write the failed event payload to your configured Dead Letter Queues. This could be due to the following:

  • Permissions errors

  • Throttles from downstream services

  • Misconfigured resources

  • Timeouts


Measures the elapsed wall clock time from when the function code starts executing as a result of an invocation to when it stops executing.

Units: Milliseconds


Measures the number of Lambda function invocation attempts that were throttled due to invocation rates exceeding the customer’s concurrent limits (error code 429).

Further details about AWS Lambda metrics can be found here

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Lambda automatically monitors functions on your behalf, reporting metrics through Amazon CloudWatch. Collect CloudWatch logs using a Lambda function which will be triggered every time new logs are generated.

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