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S3 Log Monitoring Powered by AI

Smart, Unified, Real-time, and Proactive Operational Analytics For AWS S3.

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Turn S3 buckets Data into Business, Operational, and Security Insight

Loom Ingests any type of logs & metrics, including structured and semi-structured, from any source. Our platform parses the logs, classifies them, and applies the proper measurement method to each property including AWS infrastructure components - EC2, ELB, RDS, and any log type saved in S3 bucket.

Configure collection of proprietary un-structured logs stored in AWS S3 bucket

Loom Systems is the only solution which enables you to collect any log format from any table within your AWS S3 bucket. Simply use the "AWS S3" Plug in and start gaining insights on your application.

Log Events

Find the Real Problem, Faster with Cross-stack Data Correlation

Loom Systems provides the industry-leading software to automatically analyze any log and machine data, including structured, unstructured, and complex multi-line application logs. Loom enables you to identify and resolve operational and security issues in a faster, repeatable, and more affordable way. It's an enterprise ready, fully integrated solution for log management, data collection, storage, and visualization.

  • Unified View, no more wasting time between multiple tools and custom scripts. Get the entire picture by looking at your data on a common timeline whether it’s the network, systems, virtualization, or storage.

  • Automatically find the needle in the haystack, receive intelligent alerts to find and fix issues before they impact business services and end-users.

  • Collaborate with functional teams by sharing data from the entire IT stack across teams and reduce finger pointing.

Get started in less than 5 minutes:

  • Collect directly from your Amazon S3 bucket. Loom Systems enables easy collection of these logs without any local footprint.

  • In order to save time and simply process the files you want, Loom includes the following advanced settings "out of the box":

  • Process Specific folders - Prefix limits the fetched objects to only those with keys that begin with it. Typically used to only fetch specific folders within the bucket.

  • Process Specific Files - "include" and "exclude" perform pattern matching to either exclude or include a particular file or object.

S3 Bucket AWS Monitoring Powered by Ai

Unlock the Value of Your AWS S3 Data

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