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Putting $10 Million to work, Advancing AIOps for our Customers

Today we announced some very exciting news for Loom Systems and our customers—our Series B Funding. We also netted a fantastic addition to our board, Sergey Gribov of Flint Capital. I'm excited for what this funding means for you, our customers. Here’s what we plan to do with it:


Loom Systems AIOps Impact


Continued Market-Leading AI Innovation

From the start, we realized that logs were the richest and most timely source of data available in IT. Our log-first approach put us years ahead in R&D, allowing us to predict IT issues before they impact the business. We plan to accelerate that innovation, driving even more value for our customers in the coming year.

In the last year, we've seen leading enterprises expect AIOps to deliver much more than just Event Management. From the prediction of tickets to faster root-cause analysis, I&O leaders are looking to harness AIOps to make sense out of vast amounts of data in real time, and Loom is well-positioned to meet the growing demand of these enterprises. I believe we're about to see the convergence of AIOps and ITSM to allow more automation, with less dependency on the data scientists. We're very much committed to delivering innovation that meets these new market dynamics.


Growing the Loom Family
We’ve proven to the market that we are uniquely capable of predicting IT issues before they happen. Our customers, many of them Fortune 500 companies, have chosen our platform for that very reason. We want to take that unique capability, along with our other innovations, and exponentially increase their impact. To do that, we are investing in sales, marketing, and channel resources to ensure that we can reach as many enterprises as need our solution.




We also view this as an opportunity to increase value for our customers. By growing our already vibrant community, new ideas and best practices make Sophie better and we are all growing the knowledge base of resolutions as a community effort (THANK YOU!).

Additionally, we realize that having resources local to our customers is important. We’ve recently opened offices in new geographies including New York City, Boston, Germany, and the UK. We plan to grow those offices with more local resources, as well as expand into new regions, both through direct offices and channel partners.

Keeping The Culture—Building Something Exceptional without Compromise

When my co-founders and I started Loom Systems four years ago, we wanted to build a company that was designed for the long term. We knew that to be in business for decades, the culture within the company had to be relentlessly customer-focused.

We are focused on delivering the best AIOps solution in the market, always with an eye toward which innovations will make a real, positive impact for our customers, driving value for them quickly (under 2 weeks!). Customers confirm this is what sets us apart. We plan to relentlessly focus on our customer's key initiatives, with additional investments in both R&D and customer success.

If you’re a Loom user, you’ve probably experienced the “white-glove” service that is a natural by-product of our customer-driven culture. As we grow, we plan to keep that focus and amplify its impact across our customer base.

A Heartfelt Thank You

Lastly, I want to thank all of our customers, partners, and employees for making this next stage for Loom Systems possible. You have my personal commitment that your needs will take center stage as we invest in Loom Systems this year, and in those to come. Here’s to a bright future!



Loom Systems delivers an AIOps-powered log analytics solution, Sophie, to predict and prevent problems in the digital business. Loom collects logs and metrics from the entire IT stack, continually monitors them, and gives a heads-up when something is likely to deviate from the norm. When it does, Loom sends out an alert and recommended resolution so DevOps and IT managers can proactively attend to the issue before anything goes down.
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