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IT Operations

Hey IT Manager, AI is steroids for your productivity and I will tell you why.

So, back in the days of managing IT for various enterprises, I'd find myself thinking: "Today, I will take control. I'm gonna sit down and make a detailed task list of all the projects I need to get through today (no, I don't know what I was thinking) and work my way vigorously through the list until it's time to close shop for the day. It's that simple." Right? Well, technology quickly taught me that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. I made my plans, and the Network promptly burst out laughing.  

Technology, being technology, has caught up with us and complexity has taken on a whole new meaning when it comes to the constantly broadening term "Enterprise Network". The pressure to DELIVER as an IT manager has become intertwined with the company's increasing pressure to be number one in customer experience, to be fastest to market and constantly connected to a huge mobile workforce with remote offices and truckloads of BYO.

I recall, at some point, I found myself to be simply inadequate - and not because I'm not damn good at my job. I know my stuff. So what went wrong? Well, A) I'm human, and B) I'm human.

I was drowning in my own sea of innovation.

And then I met AI. Now, Artificial Intelligence is nothing new. Various applications of AI, machine learning and robots in their many shapes and forms have been emerging for decades. What I didn't know is that for an IT guy, AI is not another tool - it's a life saver. Once I learned more I completely revamped my approach. I armed myself with a new level of intelligence and an array of AI superpowers. It felt like I was still professionally me - but with a uber-sidekick that put my productivity (and capabilities) on steroids.

Here are 6 of the undeniable 'productivity boosts' my robot gave me:

  1. Strict Methodology - Machines, robots, AI platforms call them what you like - but they still never get tired, distracted, sick, or depressed by repetitive, tiresome tasks. Robots are always strict and they always work with cohesive logic and methodology.

  2. Blind Spots ELIMINATION - The sheer scope of the data streaming in at any given second is simply impossible to track with the human brain. There is no way you can be blind-spot free without the assistance of a machine that sees and calculates data - everywhere in your network.

  3. Real-time Analysis - The amount of time it takes for a machine to receive, analyze and provide insight into the root cause of an alert - or thousands - is about how long it takes me to half-blink. No more waiting for the next crisis - AI is programmed to let you know of an anomaly that holds potential implications and it will find out why it is happening and suggest logical ways to fix it.

  4. Fatigue - AI is a "tool" to replace all tools. No more breathlessly managing dashboards and tracking their performance, no more staring aimlessly into a space of alerts. With AI, I was finally able to invest my skills and energy into where it delivered the most value.

  5. Multi-Dimensional Processing - Another thing only robots can do is to intake limitless types of data from multiple and even vastly different sources and then take that data and translate it into something you can work with. Did I mention this takes about an instant?

  6. Speed & Scale - For any IT professional speed and scalability are the network's lifeline. Maintaining the ability to address issues instantaneously, regardless of how big or complex your infrastructure has or plans to become is a lifetime achievement. I firmly believe that utilizing AI is the only way it will ever be 'humanly possible' to get this far.

The only thing I still haven't cracked is - knowing what we know about the facility of artificial intelligence, how is it that none of us (in the global technologist community) haven't yet developed a robot that can explain the outcome of the U.S. presidential elections this week?




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