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Top 5 AI Tech Presents for CIO's and Tech Lovers

Written by Yitz Fink, Product Expert at Loom Systems

So with the holiday season upon us, I wanted to embark upon the top 5 gifts for CIO’s and tech enthusiasts. These gifts will be AI centric, because we really love how AI makes our lives better.


5) Google Home ($129) or Amazon Echo Dot ($40):

So we have actually handed these as raffle gifts at conferences, and who doesn’t love it. It’s basically Siri for your home. Want a Pizza, order it and pay through Amazon and Domino’s pizza. Want a reminder what’s on the schedule for today? Google will remind you. Leaving your house and want to shut off all the lights, they have that covered.

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4) Zerotech Dobby ($349)

A mini pocket selfie drone. Personally I hate selfie sticks. They are tacky, and ugly and make you look needy for attention. The problem is that you want to be part of the picture you are taking, and want to see the whole picture behind you.

The Dobby, comes to solve that problem. It can fly up to 100 feet, for about 10 minutes, and take a picture of you that you can control with your camera. It has facial recognition so it knows how to zoom, and is fairly autonomous so you don’t have to control it a lot like other drones out there.

Especially good if you are trying to take fun family photos.


zerotech-dobby Zerotech Dobby, a Selfie Drone that Fits in Your Pocket

3) BB8 Droid ($129-149)

This is one of those toys that are probably meant more from adults than for kids. And with the latest Star wars installation coming out, this is fun to have around.

BB8 Droid BB8 Droid

2) Tapia ($580)

As the website states, Tapia is designed to help you organize your schedule, inform you about news and weather.

In addition, tapia can connect to health devices, speaks with you directly, and provide you with hands free access to your media and IoT devices.

The only con about this robot, is that it reminds you to call your mom if you haven't spoken to her recently.


tapia Tapia

1) Anki Cozmo ($180)

cozmo Anki's Cozmo, Big Brain. Bigger Personality.

By far the coolest thing you’ll see today. I can tell you now, that if you are my friend, I want this soo bad and you should buy this for me.


Because anki is like the robot child of Wally and Eva, the amusing epitome of what you hoped robotics would be.

With facial recognition, micro-expressions, cognitive learning, playfulness and he even speaks to you and makes cure robot noises. This is the toy you always wanted as an adult.


Regardless of what you decide, all of these are very Hi Tech toys that are meant for kids trapped in adult bodies, so I'm sure whomever the recipient, they'll be happy to get it.

Happy holidays!!!



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