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Artificial Intelligence

4 AI-related TED Talks we loved in 2017


No doubt, 2017 was the year of AI (and, well, also machine learning).

This year, Artificial intelligence produced so many assumptions, predictions, news and . A quick google search reveals 123,000,000 results (!), while AI produced 2,090,000,000 results (!!). Everyone is writing about AI' it's advantages, it's contribution to humanity, interconnections with adjacent disciplines, etc. So much to learn. So much to read!


So, the Loom team made an extra effort, and complied a great list of the most meaningful of discourses in the amazingly large overall AI-related discussions out there.


Without any further a due, here's a list of the TED Talks that kept us busy. Truly think you're going to love these too.


What AI is- and what it isn't


@SebastianThru's great conversation with Chris Anderson About how AI will (and already is) free humanity of repetitive work- our daily productivity will be better off if dull, tedious work is done with the help of machines, enabling us unleash our creativity, not only in the workplace, but also in every other aspect of our lives. From Tesla, through a unique cancer diagnosis app, to the history of machine learning, Thru is convinced that AI is here to stay and educates about embracing advanced AI technologies.




Get ready for hybrid thinking


Ray Kurzweil's mind blowing talk, continues his mind-boggling thread of thought about AI's ability to transform humanity.

In his talk he addresses the issue of how the human neocortex development has everything to with computing power in the cloud. The connection? well, you'll have to watch and see for yourself.









 Don't fear intelligent machines. Work with them.


Garry Kasparov's machine-facing chess-game experience, convinced him that if we want to get the most and best out of humanity, we need to embrace artificial intelligence, lose the fears and help AI/ML lead us to a bright future. He claims data does not equal knowledge, rather we need to harness AI in benefit of, well, everything around us.





The incredible inventions of intuitive AI


@MauriceConti talks about the end of the information age and introduces and new and exciting human period: the augmented age. Claiming we're already cyborgs, empoeing human knowledge and productivity through micro-computers (smartphones), humanity will be facing a completely different level of cognitive advancements, and looks forward to a time where robots and humans will work side-by-side to accomplish things neither could do alone.







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