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[INFOGRAPHIC]: The Naked Truth- AI Adoption isn't easy as it seems

Well, it's no secret that innovative technology adoption has its very own curve and hype cycle, even though we all know quite well the technology adoption curve. The result here is that Artificial intelligence adaption is much harder and complex.

Why is this, then?

Is AI so much more complex than any technology out there?

What are the main challenges in AI adoption and why do companies fail time after time, despite the fact that AI is on the organizational roadmap and more than half of CIOs plan on absorbing Artificial Intelligence technologies and methodologies into their workload and efforts, so many companies admit that their AI journey is rockier than they expected?

Is Artificial Intelligence so beyond reach that it was introduced prematurely and humanity cannot utilize its vast benefits?

The answer is of course- no. It's just a matter of how. Not what.

To answer all of these questions, we released our AI adoption infogrpahic that tells the story....

Check it out!

AI adoption




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