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New Self-Monitoring Service Gives You Visibility Into Sophie

June 8, 2018 | Noam Abramovitz
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Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes? Who Will Guard The Guards Themselves? Sophie will!


Starting from our next version release and forward, Sophie will include a new Self-Monitoring service, alerting users whenever an issue that could affect Sophie itself arises.


You have been using Sophie for a while, ticket numbers are constantly dropping, mean-time-to-resolution is cut in half, your boss and colleagues are thrilled – but then some change in your complex environment stopped it and didn’t notice before the situation escalated? Well, not anymore!

Sophie is running low on memory? We got you covered. A database is down? You are already on it. Whatever the issue is, if it could affect Sophie’s capabilities, you will be notified and provided with a recommended solution for the problem.


Stay tuned for more information regarding our upcoming release!


Loom Systems delivers an AI-powered log analysis solution to predict and prevent problems in the digital business. Loom collects logs and metrics from the entire IT stack, continually monitors them, and gives a heads-up when something is likely to deviate from the norm. When it does, Loom sends out an alert and recommended resolution so DevOps and IT managers can proactively attend to the issue before anything goes down. Schedule Your Live Demo here!

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