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November 16, 2016 | Sabo Taylor Diab
Painful but Positive Little Rant


A Painful-but-Positive Little Rant.


If I had 1$  for every new acronym that the IT industry has sprouted over the past decade… I probably wouldn’t be writing this post today.


Don’t get me wrong – I myself and the company I work for ARE an ITXX acronym (or a few) – and from one acronym to another – I have nothing but appreciation for any ITXX innovation that has ever made my life easier and my job more efficient. Wonderful things are happening. But I sometimes get that creeping feeling that in our struggle to constantly deliver bigger and better things – we’re missing the bigger picture: In today’s business, IT is the key to everything. Therefore, IT management in its purest most-traditional form is simply incapable of keeping up with the ever-growing demands.


There isn’t a 68% failure rate for IT projects because we aren’t good at what we do. The reasoning behind every new ITXX is an exciting effort to address the many causes of IT failure such as  complexity, requirement definition, analysis and so many, many more. I get the feeling that in spite of the relative success of any attempt, complex will continue to get more complex, requirements will continue to be imprecise or incomprehensible…

Meanwhile, The Industry is constantly evolving and expanding – and ‘shuffling’ and ‘hustling’ – to deliver solutions to the single most basic challenge the IT manager now faces – humans were simply not built to do this job alone – at least not in its current state.


Add more humans you say? Teach your incumbent IT people about the crucial business-related aspects of being an IT professional? Maybe we should introduce new executive positions and fill those? How about a myriad of IT tracking technologies that will help IT monitor performance more closely? All fantastic options IMHO.

But maybe “more” is not the answer, maybe the answer is smarter. A glance at the copious attempts The Industry has made to solve these issues in the name of “empowering IT” will show that although many of these solutions are truly incredible – nothing seems to stick. In the bigger scheme of things, nothing is ever ‘enough’ for long. It’s always a matter of time until the leak springs right through.


And like I said – these are great things that are happening, really. Skills are being sharpened, jobs are being created, learning institutions are being established, degrees are being invented and the industry is outwardly booming.


But how long can this go on for until someone yells “STOP! People! I am so plastered in solutions that I can’t even see my screen”?

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