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3 Reasons MSPs Need IT Process Automation Today

3 Reasons MSPs Need IT Process Automation Today

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are quickly gaining momentum and as the market grows, so does the pressure of the competition. Although there are many contributing factors to the success of your MSP, in this fast-paced, competitive arena, if you don’t consistently deliver high performance – you simply won’t win. In an era of ever-increasing complexity, delivering unwavering performance is obviously easier said than done, so MSPs are turning to smart machines and advanced automation to help them thrive!


You may be thinking – no newsflash here right? Automation in itself is no newcomer to our progressive world, and neither to the MSP toolbox, but with the advent of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, automation has evolved ENORMOUSLY.


With AI making strides automation is no longer limited to relieving professional personnel of endless mundane and repetitive tasks that are consuming their valued time; it’s about  incorporating machines deep into MSPs operations  so that both the Managed Service Provider and his customers are happier. Contemporary automation possesses capabilities that will ensure the Service part is faster, better Managed and even Provide all this with lower cost.


Here are 3 compelling reasons to implement IT process automation into your operational arsenal:



1. Meet and Exceed Your Customer SLA


The MSP lives or dies based on its SLA. The SLA is your business’s commitment to a predefined level of service to your clients and the core competence of your SLA is measured in the turnaround time of your support. AI powers real-time data analysis and real-time anomaly detection; these are teamed with automated monitoring, classification and resolution to drastically increase efficiency and reduce chances of downtime. When more processes are automated, you minimize the need to respond to an issue caused by a manual function.


While automation in its rawest form was designed to increase efficiency, service delivery automation is being implemented to serve as a basis for enhanced customer experience across the board. AI powered automation will take actions to ensure your business objectives are being considered and that your customers are benefiting from a better more personalized experience.


With automation in place, your internal processes are more efficient, your professionals are empowered and your customers are blown away by your ability to consistently exceed their expectations.



2. Boost Productivity with Reduced Operational Expenditure


Automation is a prime opportunity for MSPs to reduce costs. Being a service oriented organization means that approximately 70 percent of your costs are associated with the labor required to manage and service your customers. Automation will increase your productivity and significantly reduce the ratio of operators to devices.


For MSPs, the most palpable benefit of automation will always be scalability. MSPs need to reduce costs, but they also need to be able to scale big-time in order to thrive. Automating IT processes enables MSPs to grow their business but remain true to their SLA by introducing a new level of efficiency to the organization. Looking beyond the ability of machines to process unlimited amounts of data, your increased throughput can today be met with intelligent analysis that feeds your service side automation to ensure improved customer experience.


One way for MSPs to reduce costs with automation is to grant customers access to secure portals with user-defined performance reports. Solutions like this will improve your bottom line, and create new top line revenue opportunities.


Automation will also improve quality, governance and compliance procedures by embedding requirements and standards in processes and preserving audit trails.



3. Innovation is Sexy


Living at the forefront of the IT industry means that you have first-hand access to innovations that will enhance your offering and help you further grow your business. There are a growing number of varying forms of innovative automation that you can deploy out-of-the-box, from integrations with your ticketing or help desk system, to a self-service portal for customers that will serve as selling points to retain and attract customers. Being able to exceed your SLAs and deliver more efficient service will also go a long way towards help you outdo the competition.


The managed Services market size is estimated to grow from USD 145.33 Billion in 2016 to USD 242.45 Billion by 2021, and although automation has become an acknowledged necessity in the MSP market, some are still lagging in their adoption of the more advanced forms of automation that can turn their businesses around and make a significant impact on customer retention and acquisition. Being part of an organization in the ITOps/ machine learning space, while I am aware of the more prominent objections that some companies have expressed in the past, I really think it’s time to embrace this practice in all its contemporary glory.


What types of automation do you utilize and what are you planning on adopting in this field in 2017? Let us know in your comments so we can add this to our next post.


About Loom Systems

Loom Systems is a pioneer analytics platform that performs an automatic analysis of semi-structured data,  from any type of application, by any scale. 

Loom Systems is an advanced AI platform that performs an automatic analysis of semi-structured data, from any type of application across multiple environments, to ensure business continuity.  Schedule Your Live Demo!


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Loom Systems delivers an AIOps-powered log analytics solution, Sophie, to predict and prevent problems in the digital business. Loom collects logs and metrics from the entire IT stack, continually monitors them, and gives a heads-up when something is likely to deviate from the norm. When it does, Loom sends out an alert and recommended resolution so DevOps and IT managers can proactively attend to the issue before anything goes down.
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