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The Developer's Desk - What's on it and where is it going? (+ Really cool raffle alert!)

Courtesy of Instructables.com


As programmers, DevOps, IT managers, our desk (or workstation) is our both our sanctuary and our battlefield. It's where we spend most of our time - usually more than we spend in bed - and it's where our career-related aspirations are materialized, tried, tested and promoted.


The fact that our desks have become our "second" home, although not exclusive to the IT industry, has led to the evolution of what we'll call "the developer's desk". In fact, anyone in the software industry will tell you that your personal setup is - in one way or another - a reflection of your personality, your attitude and your work ethic.


As a member of this madness, I am both entertained by and interested in the evolution of the Developer's Desk and I have found that you will learn a lot about someone just by taking a closer look at their station. I had my previous office lit by a few old slide projectors screening pictures of rural Swedish scenes (this is what my mother-in-law passed on to me and I really wish I had pictures to share).


Here's a look at some of the typical artillery found at the developer's desk:


Multi- screens- Most of the time this means you are working hard to achieve the humanly impossible - to be at all places at all times, to be faster than the machines, to achieve excellence in an environment that is constantly becoming bigger and stronger and more challenging. Sometimes, it just looks cool.


Innovative seating - The quest to facilitate endless hours at your desk has become a focal point for the orthopedic industry, and our chairs continue to evolve as a result.


More recent developments include a stand-up desk that altogether abandons the need for an actual chair, and the "moving desk" that comes in the form of a treadmill or even a hamster wheel - which to me is kind of surreal.



 Picture courtesy of officefitness.com


Toys -In tech, as in life, boys (and girls) love their toys! Toys at the developer's desk will range anywhere from old-fashioned Star Trek paraphernalia to advanced VR/AR headsets. What do you fidget with to alleviate your stress and ADD?


Blue Maize

Picture courtesy of Blue Maize


Headphones - Another attempt to "drown out the noise" in an industry that is obsessed with open space offices and teamwork, your headphones say a lot about you.


Nature- The need to remain connected to the great outdoors despite the fact that you barely have a window anywhere on your floor, often causes tech people to express their nurturing side with a houseplant. It's almost like you never have to go outside again.


BThe Real Cape

Picture courtesy of The Real Cape


Motivation - When you spend so much time "in the zone", it's often hard to stay motivated and there will be moments when you ask yourself: "tell me again why I 'm sitting here ?" Its moments like these that a holiday photo (with or without family) or something more interactive will come in handy.


Picture courtesy of Etsy

Picture courtesy of Etsy


Fuel - Although its known that the IT world is fueling the take out industry, people who rarely leave their desks often have emergency stashes of snacks, candy, drinks and more recently even health food, to keep them going when the candle is burning low.


Picture courtesy of Chocolate I Have Known

Picture courtesy of Chocolate I Have Known


So, what does your desk/ workstation look like? Are you ready to reveal to win an Amazon Echo Dot? (so you can put that on your desk too).


How to join the raffle in 2 simple steps:


1. Take a picture of your awesome workstation

2. Tweet it with the tags #DevDesk and and @Loom_Systems

The winner will be announced by the end of April 2017

Good Luck Guys!



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