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Full Stack Log & Metrics Performance Monitoring. YES.

Full Stack Log & Metrics Performance Monitoring


You know that saying "can't see the forest for the trees"? Well, being in IT today mostly means you can't see the trees for the forest. Or should I say jungle? Managing and working in an enterprise environment has become more challenging than ever and the pressure continues to grow. The upside is that many great things are born from the struggle to overcome obstacles, save time and basically kick technology's ass, namely DevOps, microservices, ITSM, ITOps and an ongoing slew of monitoring technologies that consistently outdo each other.


Any analyst, tech pro or follower will tell you that AI is the next step. Not enough of them are aware yet that the next step is now (in some cases now or never). AI-powered log monitoring and analysis, that is also agnostic in the sense that it is capable of seeing everything in your stack is the answer staring us right in the face. It is therefore no coincidence (and probably related to the fact that this is our blog), that Loom Systems, enterprise-ready and fully-integrated, provides application logs & metrics monitoring for your entire technology stack in a unified solution.


I repeat - across your entire technology stack.


In this under-3-minute read doc, we've elaborated on 4 of the high-level capabilities that working with Loom gives you instantly:

  • Find the Real Problem, Faster with Cross-Stack IT Data Correlation
  • Better Code, Faster Delivery
  • Step-up Security
  • Stronger PCI Compliance

Both the possibilities and the benefits are endless. Check out our solution overview and grab that next slippery tree by its....branch!

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Loom Systems delivers an AIOps-powered log analytics solution, Sophie, to predict and prevent problems in the digital business. Loom collects logs and metrics from the entire IT stack, continually monitors them, and gives a heads-up when something is likely to deviate from the norm. When it does, Loom sends out an alert and recommended resolution so DevOps and IT managers can proactively attend to the issue before anything goes down.
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