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Step-Up Your Azure Log Analytics Game with AI!

As more and more organization are going through a digital transformation and adopting the cloud, Microsoft Log Analytics takes a central role in monitoring their applications and resources.


Log Analytics is a great product, that offers great value for IT professionals looking to collect, consolidate and querying log data! But can you do even more with it?


By deploying Sophie, our AI log analysis platform, Azure users can now become proactive and prevent IT issues before it affects their organization! Sophie constantly monitors all your data, learns from the information hidden within the logs, and alerts when something is out of the norm.



With our new plugin for Log Analytics users can now stream all their data directly with just a few clicks of a button through an easy-to-use wizard. Once the data is streaming, Sophie has your back and will detect issues without any prior directive or manually-set thresholds.


What are you waiting for? Step-up your game!



Loom Systems delivers an AIOps-powered log analytics solution, Sophie, to predict and prevent problems in the digital business. Loom collects logs and metrics from the entire IT stack, continually monitors them, and gives a heads-up when something is likely to deviate from the norm. When it does, Loom sends out an alert and recommended resolution so DevOps and IT managers can proactively attend to the issue before anything goes down.
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