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Artificial Intelligence

Top 20 AI Influencers to follow in 2018



brain-2789679_960_720.pngAI. Artificial intelligence. So many people talking about it, buzzing about it, always trending with this hashtag or another. But how do we sift through the noise and listen to what really matters? Who are the true evangelists worth following, who own this domain and have always something interesting to say about it? Who is that myriad of people who has both academic and commercial point of views, own a concrete vision and yet are well grounded within a growing ecosystem, and always have something interesting to say.


Below you'll find the complete list of the top 20 AI influencers, a blend of industrialists but also of researchers and professionals who have paved the path to greater foundation in the AI universe; these individuals, we think, represent voices which are the most interesting, relevant, cutting edge and really tap in to this ongoing fountain of innovation which is here to stay. Yes, AI.


So without any further a due…. here's the full list of whom you should follow in 2018 to hear more about AI applications:



1. Nathan Benaich (@NathanBenaich) - a former scientist as well as a “genetics researcher turned AI venture capitalist”. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge in the field of computational and experimental cancer research. He has invested in various intelligent systems, and is also the venture partner of Point Nine Capital which is a Berlin-based venture capital firm that aims on SAAS and digital marketplaces. Founded the “4th Research and Applied AI summit”. Organizes a community of AI practitioners in London which is called “London AI” that has its roots with large tech organizations, startups as well as academic institutions. Link to website: raais.co


2. Joanna J Bryson (@j2blather): Bryson is a CS major at the University of Bath and she has served as an affiliate at the Princeton Center for Information Technology. She is the one behind the establishment of the action selection model which describes how artificially intelligent agent figures out its next course of action. Action selection model is today the basic building block in the design and development of intelligent systems to help better understand the concept on natural intelligence.


3. Dr. Lucy Rogers (@DrLucyRogers): As you can see from her Twitter bio, she is the maker-in-chief of “Guild Of Makers” which basically aims at promoting the growth and establishment of the Maker Industry by aiding professional makers out there as well through encouraging excellence. Her career involves working and researching on Robot Dinosaurs as well as Rocket Science. The IoT anarchist’s tweets will provide a myriad of influential and informative stuff for those who are keen of AI and robotics.


4. Martin Ford (@MFordFuture): Ford is the columnist and writer of the famous New York Times best seller” Rise of the Robots which emphasizes on the growth of technology and its connectivity to the threat that it may lead to jobs in the future. He has voiced out significant talks about the future of the workplace and the debate over whether automation will replace humans in the job market. You can check to see that his Tweets will be mostly related to psychic/military robots and more.


5. Neill Gernon (@NeillGernon): Neill is the MD of Atrovate, and sheds light on various core concepts of topics on AI and Machine Learning. He imagines how the future of AI will look like. He is also the organizer of a community event for AI at Dublin that takes place quarterly. Recently, he also organized an AI hackathon for the Dublin AI community in order to further establish it.



6. J.J. Kardwell (@jjkardwell): serial investor and the CEO as well as the co-founder of “EverString”, which uses AI to drive a platform for predictive marketing and analytics to the companies in order to aid them in identifying and engaging with top most customer prospects. Before the foundation of EverString, he had also worked for The Walt Disney Company, McKinsey & Company, VC firm Summit Partners etc.



7. David Kenny (@davidwkenny):Kenny is currently the senior vice president of the IBM Watson & Cloud Platform. Before that, he has remained a chairman as well as the CEO for “Digitas Inc.” which is basically a top global integrated brand agency. He heads the Watson technology platform development and is also credited for the optimization of IBM’s public cloud which connects to data and cognitive workloads.



8. Dr. Angelica Lim (@petitegeek): Lim is a holder of a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Kyoto University. She has been enthusiastic about robots ever since she was a child and wanted robots to blend with feelings. She currently works in the robotics team at “SoftBank Robotics”. Her main role involves creating software which is AI enabled in order to assist robots to interact smartly and in a rather funny way. Her research comprises of topics in neuroscience, machine learning and developmental psychology in order to relate robots and feelings together as this is what she has always envisioned.




9. Tessa Lau (@tessalau): Lau is a Computer Science Ph.D. from University of Washington. She is currently the acting Chief Robot (Whisperer) at “Savioke, Inc.” Her focus is on improving the lives of others through building relevant machines and systems. Therefore she uses her machine learning skills along with the principles of human-computer interaction to establish and build up user-based systems. Savioke, which is mentioned earlier basically has been aiming to create robots that will improve the service industry



10. Randy Olson (@randal_olson): Randy is someone you would definitely want to follow if you want heaps of meaningful advice on machine learning, programming or perhaps deep learning! Since he is enthusiastic about the core of machine learning and AI, Olson works as a senior data scientist at Penn Institute for Biomedical Informatics. This man shares a great amount of humor for the tech industry.



11. Andra Keay (@RobotLaunch): Being currently the MD of Silicon Valley Robotics, she plays a role within the core of the whole robotics sector as she is responsible for providing robots to the real world. She has also organized several events and participated in deals widely for achieving this sole purpose. Not to forget, Keay founded the global robotics start-up competition called “Robot Launch” and has also a the same time, co-founded “Robot Garden hackerspace”. She currently is keen to be a source of mentorship at hardware accelerators. Moreover, Keay has also been involved in talks worldwide regarding the future of AI and how more and more women can start owning and dominating the robotics and AI sector.


12. Satya Mallick (@LearnOpenCV): Mallick is a Ph.D. from the University of California (San Diego).His best description can sum him up as more of an entrepreneur who digs into computer vision and machine learning fields. Mallick is the co-founder of “TAAZ Inc.” focusing on computer vision and applies its workings on issues and problems that arise in beauty and fashion sector. The company has also succeeded in ensuring its scalability of the computer vision it provides along with all the machine learning algorithms through tests which were taken by over 1 million users and proved successful. He worked in collaboration with “Scripps Research Institute” to resolve an issue in Cryo-Electron Microscopy that makes a proportion of 3D reconstruction pipeline.



13. Chris Messina (@chrismessina): An Ex-Googler and Ex-Uber alomni, Chris is very much into Chatbox and is a huge advocate of conversational commerce as the future of customer-facing communications. He believes in UX playing a crucial role in shaping customer experience and loyalty.



14. Immaculada Martinez (@inma_martinez): Martinez is an AI pioneer who has played a massive role in personalizing mobile data services through the creation of unique AI systems. She currently works as a venture partner at a sci-tech accelerator “Deep Science Ventures” which is an investment by the Imperial College London. She has also acted as a significant advocate for women in the technology sector.



15. Gary Marcus (@GaryMarcus): Marcus is a Ph.D. from MIT (Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences). He is one of the biggest preachers of the methodology of AI. He currently is an employee at “nexus of computer science and neuroscience”. His perception of AI involves him regularly talking and discussing about what AI can and cannot do like what his children can. He founded the “Geometric Intelligence” which is now retrieved by Uber.



16. Elon Musk (@elonmusk): Alon doesn't really need introduction, as he is someone who has his name carved within the tech culture. He warns about the risks and suggests safety measure against them. He is involved for the foundation of “OpenAI” which has funds greater than $1 billion. OpenAI aims to build safety systems that deploy the concept of artificial general intelligence (AGI) and make sure that its advantages or benefits are largely and fairly spread in order to reduce the bottleneck on AI research by other tech giants like IBM, Google, Facebook and Microsoft.



17. CyberCode Twins (@cybercodetwins): The CyberCode Twins are basically two twin sisters who are social entrepreneurs from East Los Angeles. They have secured huge positions in tech competitions and hackathons such as: NASA’s International SpaceApps Challenge, HackForLA, IBM’s Global Mobile Innovators Challenge, AT&T Developer Summit and more. They focus on raising the safety of communities through the use of mobile and wearable in order to eliminate human trafficking.



18. Alex J. Champandard (@alexjc): He is more of a game developer who focuses on AI to implement various game functioning. He is the founder of the “Rockstar Games” that produced famous console games such as “GTA” and “Bully” He worked behind the scenes for the site which is the world’s largest gaming hub for AI related categories “AiGameDev.com”. He has worked served as a senior AI programmer for quite some time in the industry. Do give him a follow people!



19. John C. Havens(@johnchavens) – Executive director of the IEEE Global Initiative for Ethical Considerations in Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems. He is also the author of Heartificial Intelligence, a book about building humanity into machines. Tweets heavily about anything AI and ethics.



20. Kate Darling (@grok_): And finally, Kate! She usually considers herself as “mistress of machines” because of her extreme interest and passion in the field of AI and Robotics. She currently serves as a research specialist at the MIT Media Lab. At the same time she attends the Harvard Berkman Centre. Her idea of robots and technology links with humans and the society in general. She has preserved several writings, held specific tech talks and organized several workshops on the interesting developments in the human-robot sector.


 So, what are you waiting for? Follow these guys on Twitter and if you haven't yet followed us,Now is the time!








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