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VMworld 2017 Day 3 Recap: Big News from Google



This is a big day for us at Loom Systems. our VMware monitoring solution was honored as a finalist in the virtualization and Cloud Infrastructure category in ‘The Best of VMworld 2017 U.S. Awards’ and recognized as one of the most innovative new products in the server virtualization, cloud and end-user computing markets.


Day 3 kicked-off with the keynote stage shared by Michael Dell, CEO of Dell EMC and VMware CEO, Pat Gelsinger. Focusing on digital transformation, their opening talks were big on the virtuous cycle of data and algorithms. “The engine of digital transformation is data”, said Pat "and the rate of change is only getting faster. Today will be slowest day in technology for the rest of your life.” Brace yourselves.

 It wouldn’t be VMWorld if the keynote session wasn’t followed by an even bigger announcement, and to the stage joined Rob Mee, CEO of Pivotal, and Google Cloud’s Sam Ramji to announce Pivotal Container Service (PKS), a servicew which will enable both enterprises and service providers production-level Kubernetes on VMware vSphere and Google Cloud Platform. Compatible with Google Container Engine (GKE) and the Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF), the big promise is that PKS will bridge the gap between IT and developers, helping customers build scalable apps that can go from development to real-time production without systematic IT hand-holding. Twitter blew off, instantly, however PKS won’t launch until Q4 - luckily, that’s Around the corner.

Google-vmware-pivotal architecture


VMware wasn’t about to just hand over the stage to Google, and Google’s moment was followed up with a deeper dive into VMware’s expanded cloud offerings. Following up on day 2’s series of announcements and their mission of “Consumer-Simple, Enterprise-Secure”, Pat spoke at more length about VMware Cloud’s vision for a consistent cloud experience across all platforms. With Pivotal Container Services, an organization’s IT would be able to create a platform for developers in only a few minutes on a single dashboard. It could be provisioned to any cloud and would be a consistent experience throughout.

  VMwre monitoring made easy with AI


Closer to heart, the keynote shifted into a discussion about VMWare’s Wavefront, their real-time analytics and alerting platform which baselines application activity and applies root cause analysis on any deviation from the norm. Paying special attention to the bubbling IoT market, Pat made note of VMWare’s Pulse IoT Center, intended to better monitor interconnected sensors and objects and bring them under the VMWare Wavefront umbrella.


 Naturally, the keynote session was the highlight of the day, followed by other exciting sessions (such as : EUC super session, amongst other great ones) and expo demonstrations: lots of buzz around NSX, Kubernetes, vSphere, and vRealize. In other words, infrastructure and deployment issues in hybrid cloud environments, both inside and outside of VMware, are center of discussion here, at Vmworld 2017. As HPE’s Brian Knudsen put it in a private demo, “The market is accepting the fact that we’re going to have things all over the place.” That may be so, but the market is also trying it’s hardest to make the best of that complexity. The engine of digital transformation is not only data, rather also the tools and services that are designed to empower enterprises to manage their data, likeVMware, like HPE, like Loom Systems.

 And….  we have some news of our own!

That’s a wrap. We’ll be back tomorrow with some more big IT news, directly from VMworld 2017. We’ll also be @our booth, #700j, for 1on1 demos and AI talk, If you’re around- feel free to come over and say hi!






Loom Systems delivers an AIOps-powered log analytics solution, Sophie, to predict and prevent problems in the digital business. Loom collects logs and metrics from the entire IT stack, continually monitors them, and gives a heads-up when something is likely to deviate from the norm. When it does, Loom sends out an alert and recommended resolution so DevOps and IT managers can proactively attend to the issue before anything goes down.
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