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What to expect at AWS re:invent 2017: What happens in Vegas stays in the cloud


Founded in 2012, this is the 6th year AWS re:invent will commence in Las Vegas in November. Held annually, AWS has become one of the biggest events of the year, covering everything AWS, from architecture, compute, AWS marketplace and service catalog, database, DevOps, machine learning, storage and networking. A real IT feast.

As Jeff Barr, chief AWS evangelist, mentioned in his recent blog post, Amazon is gearing up towards this huge event:

This year's AWS will include Over +1,000 breakout sessions, multiple hackathons, bootcamps, workshops, Expo hosting innovators in the partner community.

Loom is proud to be a exhibitor and attend AWS re:Invent for the first time. As an AWS Premier Partner, we offer a unique insight into what attendees can expect at re:Invent 2017.

4 things to expect in this year's AWS event:

1. Announcements: AWS is already gearing up with some exciting announcements, and it will be very interesting to hear, following re:invent 2016, what new product and  announcements the conference will entail.

We're especially curious about Andy Jassy’s, AWS CEO, keynote session (a reminder to last year's version) to hear about the exciting news about the industry.


2. What will the industry buzz be about? 

Last year the focus was much about internet of things (IoT), serverless computing, database and containers. This year it seems that the focus will still be on containers, but also look out to hear more about Co-location services, Hyperconverge of the private cloud, and an emerging trend of hosting enterprise applications in AWS, as well as adjacent monitoring solutions. 


3. Global partner summit

It's all about partnerships and more specifically The AWS Partner Network (APN), AWS's global partner programs. The main discussion will be re:Invent's Global partner summit is a great place to meet new companies offering AWS related services as well as educating yourself about technical topics relevant to your specific solutions. Members of the AWS Partner Network (APN) Ecosystem get a chance to learn about cloud-powered innovation and the opportunity it creates for partners. 

We're looking forward to sharing ideas with service providers about best ways to leverage AWS technologies and collaborate to better serve customers moving into and expanding their cloud infrastructure.


4. AWS re:Play Party

And, finally, how can we not end with the cream of the crust, THE highlight of this event, of course- The end-of-show party, summing up a week of a condensed event, time to sit back, enjoy the great atmosphere and do what we essentially all love to do: play video games! What will be this year's theme? Well, we just have to wait and see.


Come and meet the Loom Systems team @AWS re:invent 2017 to hear more about log analysis!

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