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Winter is coming, the internship version: Interning @Loom

Like every year, Loom accept internship applications from young professionals who seek to get their hands dirty in real-life development tasks and get a first hand insider sneak peak into an agile development process. Here’s what Jonah Grant, a computer science student from university of Michigan, has to say about his experience. Best of luck, Jonah!



Intern Meets The World

This past summer I worked as a software engineering intern at Loom Systems.


During my two months working at Loom, I not only greatly improved my technical skills while working on substantial projects, but I also had the invaluable experience of being a part of a cohesive, focused, and goal-oriented team of individuals. Thanks to the work environment at Loom, I learned many intangible lessons whose relevance extend past my specific career path as an aspiring software engineer. I felt first hand the contagiousness of enthusiasm in the workplace. Everyone at Loom, from the product and marketing teams to the customer success and development teams, exudes an excitement for their work and a genuine desire to deliver a stellar product. Along those same lines, I witnessed a high performance integrated team in action. Members of the product and customer success teams frequented the dev meeting room, in constant discussion of nitty gritty technical details of Loom’s products. There was a noticeable fluidity with which work flow operated at Loom; everybody on the same page, focused on common goals: making the best end-to-end log monitoring solution.


Proof of concept

From my desk in the dev department, I experienced first-hand some of the key elements that seem to drive successful work in software. The developers at Loom work shockingly hard — email notifications of Github branch merges frequented my inbox well beyond the work day and every weekend. Not only do they work hard, they work together. Every morning began with a group discussion, each developer running through his or her previous day of work and plans for the coming day. This ritual enforced a synchronization that kept everybody familiar with each other’s projects and keyed in on the big picture. It was fascinating to experience these thought processes in the actual development world, outside of  the lab and classroom, where every step of the way matters immensely to the whole process,


WhatsApp Image 2017-09-20 at 15.20.20 (1).jpeg


Not at all like ‘Silicon Valley’. Or maybe….?

Loom was also fun. Happy hours before the weekend and a newly designed offices made Loom more welcoming and enjoyable, sentiments that spilled over into my work as I found myself really enjoying working on challenging projects. Music played in the dev rooms and ‘Game of Thrones’ was screened weekly in the meeting room (as part of the education to officially train and join the ‘Loom’s watch’. No, not really. Just for fun). These pieces of my experience made me feel more comfortable in my work environment, encouraging me to work more collaboratively and closely with my coworkers, who treated me as one of theirs.


Although my two months at Loom felt short, I needless to say felt that my time there was packed with rich experiences, leaving me not only with a nice new section on my resumé, but also an array (no pun intended) of worthwhile skills and reflections. My understanding of what it takes to succeed as a software developer has deepened and my passion to pursue such success has been reinforced. I’m thankful to everybody at Loom for the responsibility they trusted me with, and I’m excited to see what the future holds for them!


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