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Database Log Monitoring with Loom

Gain Real-time Insight into Your databases

Monitor All Your Database Log Data in Real Time

Monitoring your databases with Loom Systems gives you critical visibility into what’s happening with your database and the applications that depend on it. Loom Systems allows you to view the health of your servers without manual setup and delays. It will automatically show you which servers have been stopped, error log types over time, top errors, top warnings, crash recovery attempts over time, and the count of how many times a server has been up or down in a specific time window.

Database Metrics & Log Analysis

Database log files can be daunting and time-consuming to analyze manually with the human eye, especially when analyzing proprietary customized application logs. Since a human may not be able to recognize patterns in logging activity, seeking an analytics tool like Loom Systems can help generate value from your databases log data. The Loom Systems offering provides the following capabilities:

  • Automatically monitor query performance and detect slow queries, anomalies, and changes over time.

  • Correlate between different layers of your IT application stack.

  • Analyze proprietary unstructured logs saved in your different database tables.

Full Stack IT Operational Compliance

Quickly trace every transaction through the different services and database interactions, opening up what was previously a black box. Once your logs streamed to Loom, you will be automatically notified you of events specific to your PCI environment.

Monitor Database Performance at Scale

Integrating structured data from relational databases with data in Loom Systems can drive deeper levels of Operational Intelligence for IT operations, security and the business. Loom systems will enable to:

  • Monitor across disparate sets of tables data and uncover hidden business opportunities and issues.

  • You will be alerted on any abnormal customer sessions and behavior, with correlations across your database and other parts of the application tier (for example slow query responses)

  • In real time you will discover and resolve bottlenecks in your application.

  • Investigate any activity, drill down to the smallest activities in any time frame.

Configure Collection of Proprietary Un-structured Stored Logs

Loom System is the only solution which enables to collect any logs format from any table within your database. Simply use the Loom systems plug in and start gain insights on your application.

Loom Supports Any Type of Database; SQL and NoSQL
SQL Server
Postgre SQL

Gain an In-depth Understanding of Your Databases

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