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Partners Webinar:
The Future of ITOps

dror avi

More than 20 partners are already working and spreading our solution for IT monitoring. Using our solution, our partners are witnessing how harnessing the power of AI can help stabilize their clients' IT environments and lead to a smooth digital transformation in their business.

Following conversations with our most trusted partners, we have decided to host a unique webinar with Loom's VP Product Dror Mann and our Global Channel Sales Director Avi Friedman. 

Dror goes over Loom's vision and explains how we see the future of IT monitoring. 
Avi addresses Loom's partner program and how our most trusted partners gain value from Looms solution.

The webinar is covering the following topics:

  1. The future of ITOps monitoring. 
  2. How MSP's can use Loom Systems solution to empower their clients.

**This webinar is exclusive to partners.
Please don't share this link**


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