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GDPR Compliance with Loom Systems

Centralized AI-powered machine data analysis platform to help you maintain compliance
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Data Protection by Design

Introducing Loom-Systems’ Sophie for GDPR, a state of the art AIOps platform that empowers DevOps and IT professionals. Sophie helps analyze both log and unstructured machine data for immediate visibility into the IT environments.

Designed with data protection and privacy in mind, Sophie helps you maintain compliance with a click of a button.

Download our GDPR Compliance whitepaper:
GDPR Whitepaper

Loom Systems’ Sophie

An AI-powered solution that helps your organization meet GDPR compliance with ease
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How Sophie Works

Personal Information 

The “Find My PII” feature will fetch all of your sensitive logs, eliminating tedious manual work.

Remove Personal Information

After locating logs that contain personal data, you can easily remove any identifiable information with one click.

Control Where Your Data Is Stored

Install On-premise or at a European located cloud environment, liberating you from any additional legal complications.

The Right to Be Forgotten

Let users comply with RTBF. Upon request, we will delete any identifiable information regarding any specific data subject.

Become GDPR Compliant With Ease

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