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IIS Log Monitoring with Loom

AI-powered IIS Log Analyzer for Real-time Detection, Correlation and Resolution, Before End-users
are Affected.

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Track Your IIS HTTP Metrics and Logs

Track Your IIS HTTP Metrics and Logs

As is the case with other web servers, Microsoft's IIS server requires consistent performance monitoring to ensure requests made to your applications are delivered continuously and effectively.

Loom Systems grants you in-depth visibility into each of your web server processes, including proprietary applications and running services. When problems are detected, the Loom Systems anomaly-detection engine correlates between the different services, requests, hosts and entities.

Loom Systems lets you track your IIS HTTP metrics and logs and presents you with all relevant information in an interactive, infographic visualization - that also highlights the root cause of any issue.

See IIS-specific (HTTP Logging) Logs (without plugins!)

IIS Log Analyzer

When HTTP logging is enabled in its web server configuration, IIS generates log data for anything from media streaming to out-of-the-box web applications, to custom high-load web applications. IIS log data contains critical information about user behavior and different web application server activities. IIS logs include detailed information such as user traffic details including content requests, client access IPs, response codes, client errors, server errors, and response times.

The NXlog utility is a standard tool used for Microsoft computer message logging and allows collection of log messages from different devices. Simply configure NXlog to collect all the logs and metrics you need.

Auto-detect Application

Auto-detect Application and Performance Issues

Loom systems monitoring offers status metrics and logs that extend beyond basic web server monitoring. With a single NXLog configuration on your server, Loom Systems automatically monitor all IIS services and correlated between the different entities in your application stack.

Analyze Response Time Hotspots Down to the Module Level

With Deep Process Monitoring enabled, Loom Systems analyzes the response time of each IIS service running within each process. Loom's machine-learning algorithms will analyze response time hotspots so that you can be notified when specific activities are consuming more time than usual.

Monitor Real User Performance Without Code Changes

IIS Log Analyzer

Loom Systems Real User Monitoring collects metrics from your IIS web server Access. Loom sees your website as your customers do.

Is CPU saturation slowing down your database, your services, and your website?

You’ll receive a single notification that addresses the root cause of the problem, not multiple alerts for you to sort through and analyze. Using Artificial Intelligence, Loom Systems detects performance anomalies before they affect customer experience.

Loom IIS Integration for PCI Compliance

Loom IIS Integration for PCI Compliance

PCI Compliance looks at your organization’s security and infrastructure from many different perspectives, one of which is PCI DSS requirement 10: “Track and monitor all access to network resources and cardholder data.”

The purpose of this requirement is to ensure access to your credit card holding systems is monitored at all times, and that in the event of a breach, access and events can be thoroughly traced and blocked. Maintaining 12 months of logs and quickly searching those logs is an enormous task, especially when viewing your entire portfolio of disparate systems across multiple environments, potentially around the world.

Microsoft IIS logs provide a record of accesses and events to help proactively identify suspicious user behavior and strengthen your security posture.

Once your logs are streamed to Loom, you will be automatically notified of events specific to your PCI environment.

Configure HTTP Logs
Configure HTTP Logs

Open IIS Manager, then for every site you wish to stream, repeat the following:

1. Click "Logging". Make sure the following are checked:

  • Service Name

  • Server Name

  • Host

  • Referrer

2. Under "Log File Rollover", change the Schedule to Hourly

3. Click "apply" to save the changes you have made

By default the logs are located under C:\inetpub\logs\LogFiles\.

Configure Collection of Proprietary
Configure Collection of Proprietary Application Logs

Loom System is the only solution which enable to collect any logs format stored in your IIS server. Simply use the "Stream application logs" box located in the "Microsoft IIS" plugin and start to gain meaningful insights on your application.

Microsoft IIS

Internet Information Services (IIS, formerly Internet Information Server) is a flexible and manageable web server created by Microsoft.The key benefits include componentization, extensibility and ASP.NET integration. 

With Loom Systems, you monitor and visualize IIS and .NET logs and metrics in the context of your web services running on IIS.Keep an eye on IIS server Performance, get alerted before end user experience is affected.

Monitor Your IIS Logs With Loom

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If you’re already using Loom Systems, you can start monitoring IIS Webserver Service by using the
"Microsoft IIS" plugin under "Plug a new data source" section.

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