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Introducing: Intellipacks and Insights

Realize the power of your data using insights and recommendations.

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Enable your services to be reliable and automated.


Realize the power of your data using insights and recommendations


Create value from the moment of integration with technology-specific bundles


Support common technologies, crowd wisdom and visualization

What are Intellipacks?



Intellipacks = Intelligence Packs.


Realize the power of your data using insights and recommendations -creating value from the moment of integration-with technology-specific bundles, supporting common technologies, crowd wisdom and visualization.




Each Intelligence Pack is built for a specific product or technology (e.g. OpenStack, or Cisco Catalyst) and may contain all the existing elements of Sophie (Insights, Source Types, Custom Alerts, Dashboards and relevant ML feedback).

Intellipacks enable Sophie to generate much more out-of-the box value. Sophie can digest and analyze an environment from the moment of integration, already recognizing the data. This will result in identifying more relevant incidents and reduce noise (as Sophie already knows to identify anomalies that are less interesting and ignore them). This in turn will require less tuning and feedback from the user.

Sophie is already pre-packed with relevant dashboards and visualizations that allow the presentation of the current status of the stack. Insights are now also part of the Intelligence Packs, significantly making it easier for any customer, SaaS or on-premise, to enjoy Sophie's ever-growing knowledge base and reduce MTTR.  

Key Benefits

ITSM and AIOPs together

Proactively Detect Issues before they Escalate 

Automate remediation with AIOPs

Eliminate Alert Flood 

Get insights and predictions

Reduce MTTR with Enriched Insights

Become Proactive with Sophie AIOps

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