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Loom's AIOps Playbook: 

Introducing a Sustainable Path to Organizational Artificial Intelligence Implementation

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Seeking to achieve IT Operational Excellence?

At Loom Systems, we developed a unique way to implement AI into the organizational IT, enabling IT teams to harness the power of AIOps and as a result:

  • Reduce MTTRs by 45%
  • Predict and prevent issues across the IT stack 
  • 93% reduction in alert fatigue


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What is the AI Playbook?

Loom's AI playbook is comprised of a 6-stage process. Each stage contains a simple checklist, walking the user along the journey with ease from basic data streaming until your environment is all set up. Our AIOps engine –Sophie– can then quickly boost your IT operational excellence for you and your team.

  1. Onboarding your data- organize your data into logical partition applications and services- mapping your data into the correct source types, reviewing the parsing process and more.

  2. Personalize your AI- add relevant business/ environment context to Sophie’s lexical analysis engine.

  3. ML feedback- closed-loop machine learning: Initial feedbacking, setting the overall sensitivity of your instances.

  4. User experience alerts- use the anomalies discovered by Sophie and your previous domain’s existing knowledge to create custom alerts regarding issues affecting your customer’s experience.

  5. Customizable dashboards- create meaningful and interactive dashboards to help you monitor your IT stack.

  6. Connect your organization: empower your team members by inviting them to constantly interacting with the Loom through push notifications in order to consume and interact with Sophie’s alerts outside of the web app by utilizing various communication channels (e-mail, Slack).


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How do I implement AI in my organization?

Loom's algorithm is based on unassisted learning with human feedback.  Loom’s AI playbook helps your team with a sustainable implementation methodology. Our solution is low configuration, self-taught baselines, and provides correlations between pain-points. You teach the system once and it continues to adapt as your data grows.

All-in-one ITOps Solution

A dedicated data analyst walks you through the onboarding, and beyond, helps you make the most out of your own data, paving the way to IT operational excellence.


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