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Cloud and Microservices Monitoring by Loom Systems

Gain Real-time Insight into Your Complex IT Environment

Best-in-class Virtualization Monitoring Powered by AI

Monitoring is a critical piece of the control systems of microservices, as the more complex your software gets, the harder it is to understand its performance and troubleshoot problems. Loom systems natively integrate with the entire container ecosystem, giving you deep visibility into your applications and microservices. See the full picture of your dynamic infrastructure in real time and automatically keep up with any changes in your environment, including virtual machine migration.

Diagnose and Fix Issues Faster

Boost productivity by using Loom AI monitoring solution. Stop spending time hunting for problems and focus on fixing them. Level up your application monitoring approach with our unique capability set: 

  • Alert only when it matters, automatically receive highly intelligent alerts based on any metrics and log structure. Loom will notify you only when it matters.

  • Get full operational insights, with no manual configuration. Loom automatically detect and isolate anomalies to root-cases instantly.

  • Leverage continuous self-learning capabilities to minimize operational costs.

  • Get detailed information on performance issues before they affect your customers.

Monitor Containers

Containers gained prominence as the building blocks of microservices. The speed, portability, and isolation of containers made it easy for developers to embrace a microservice model.

Containers are black boxes to most systems that live around them. But when it comes to operating, monitoring and troubleshooting a service, black boxes make common activities harder, you need deep visibility inside containers rather than just knowing that some containers exist.

Monitor Orchestration Systems

Increasingly, software deployment requires an orchestration system to “translate” a logical application blueprint into physical containers. Common orchestration systems include Docker, Mesosphere, and Kubernetes. Some argue that the orchestration system is even more important than the containers. The actual containers matter only for the short time that they exist while your Orchestration matter for the life of its usefulness.

Loom Systems solution leverage orchestration metadata to dynamically aggregate container and application logs and metrics. Depending on your orchestration tool, you probably have multiple layers that you’d like to drill into. For example, in Kubernetes, you typically have a Namespace, ReplicaSets, Pods and containers. Correlation between these layers is critical for troubleshooting and root cause analysis of issues.

"Loom system is our first line of defense in assessing if something is impacting the application."

Elastic and Multi-Location based Services Monitoring

Loom systems solution is built for a dynamic environment, microservice focused monitoring solution which enabling your environment to comfortably grow and shrink in step with elastic services, without human intervention. For example, when Kubernetes or Mesos spins up new containers regularly throughout the day Loom Systems will automatically analyze their new logs and metrics.

API Monitoring

In microservice environments, APIs are the only elements of a service that are exposed to other teams. As a result, API monitoring is critical for the organization SLA. Loom Systems solution goes beyond binary up/down checks, it automatically understands the most frequently used endpoints and response times as these can reveal significant problems, or point to areas that need the most optimization in your system.

Correlate Application to Cloud Service Performance

Loom systems automatically track the performance of all components you use including cloud services. Loom provides unique operational insights, leverage full-stack monitoring from the front-end to the back-end including containers, and cloud micro services. By using unify micro services monitoring with VMs and containers you will be able to understand how application performance impacts your customers. 

Get started in less than 5 minutes:

Lambda automatically monitors functions on your behalf, reporting metrics through Amazon CloudWatch. Collect CloudWatch logs using a Lambda function which will be triggered every time new logs are generated.

Gain Immediate Visibility into Your Cloud Environment

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