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Network Security Log Monitoring Powered by AI

Gain Real-time Insights into Your Vulnerabilities

Simplify Security Operations While Enabling Regulatory Compliance

In today’s increasingly distributed enterprise environments, ensuring service level agreements, meeting throughput demands, and optimizing for your business remain paramount IT functions. Insights gleaned from monitoring and analyzing your security and network device logs enable enterprises to find the root cause of failures, diagnose operational issues, and identify performance bottlenecks.

By analyzing logs from these firewalls, you now have the ability to improve your security posture and enforce specific compliance requirements.

The Need for a Comprehensive Firewall and Network Logs Analyzer:

  • Collect logs from your entire network infrastructure including logs from routers, switches, proxies, firewalls, IDS/IPS, VPNs, and any other network device.

  • Gain real-time proactive insights into your vulnerabilities to respond to incidents faster.

  • Automatically find root causes of network failures, performance degradations, and increases in latency. Drill down into suspicious source IPs using advanced analytics, allowing a better understanding of attackers’ activities.

  • Automatically correlate network information with other tiers such as application and virtualization events, as well as analyze all security-relevant data in real time to respond to incidents faster.

Getting Started is Easy

For immediate notification about important system events or threats, you can simply configure syslog to send log data to a syslog server. This allows for a simple and secure log forwarding mechanism to the Loom server.

Loom is available for a 30 day free trial, which you can sign up for here.

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