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News & Press / Loom Systems Announces New CRO Richard Shea and Splunk's Ex-CIO Declan Morris as advisor to Support Global Expansion

Loom Systems Announces New CRO Richard Shea and Splunk's Ex-CIO Declan Morris as advisor to Support Global Expansion


San Francisco, June 14, 2019 –  Loom Systems, a leading AIOps platform, is reinforcing its leadership team even further by appointing Richard Shea as Chief Revenue Officer and Declan Morris as Technology Advisor.

Shea brings in extensive global enterprise sales experience to the company and will be a key player in scaling revenue and building lasting partnerships within the AIOps space. Shea has a demonstrated track record of rapid growth, product innovation, and successful exits. 

Morris, Splunk's former CIO, has more than 25 years of strategic, technical, and leadership experience spanning multiple industries across the globe. "I was drawn to Loom Systems, by a combination of the technology and the people. Gabby has assembled a team that possesses a deep understanding and appreciation for the the challenges facing IT Ops in an ever increasing cloud-centric world. It is rare to find a practical application of AI in the form of Sophie that demonstrates rapid time-to-value for the customer," said Morris. With significant experience in managing, operating, and scaling businesses from startups to global multinationals, Morris will provide strategic guidance to Loom's expanding customer base and long-term direction.

Loom Systems is expanding rapidly, experiencing 3X growth in 2018 and recently opening its third global office in Manhattan, NY. Shea and Morris join as the company continues to break new ground by delivering an AIOps solution that detects, alerts, and resolves IT incidents in Fortune 2000 enterprises around the world. 

"We've experienced unprecedented growth in the past year, and collectively, both executives will allow us to work with more customers on the demand side," said Gabby Menachem, CEO of Loom Systems. "I am thrilled to have them join the Loom Systems family, as driven and forward-thinking leaders."

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Loom Systems’ AIOps solution predicts and solves IT incidents in enterprises undergoing a digital transformation or cloud migration. Sophie, the technology behind Loom's AIOps, proactively detects IT issues, alerts your team before they impact your customers, and enriches alerts with insights and resolutions in plain English. This not only keeps your operations running smoothly and improves business productivity, but also alleviates the tedium of reading logs and frees up time for operations to concentrate on higher-value IT tasks.

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