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News & Press / Loom Systems Receives EMA’s Top 3 Innovator Awards -VMworld 2017

Loom Systems Receives EMA’s Top 3 Innovator Awards -VMworld 2017

San Francisco, Sep. 18, 2017 - Loom Systems, a leading end-to-end AI-powered log analysis solution, announces today it has been recognized as EMA Research’s top 3 EMA Innovators VMworld 2017 as the ultimate virtual data scientist , providing an AI-driven monitoring solution which leverages a deep learning approach to true root cause analysis and problem prediction. This holistic approach was recognized as a sustainable solution, enabling businesses to process, analyze and remediate service degradations in real time.


Targeted at DevOps and IT operations, Loom Systems’ AI-based solution is used to analyze log data generated by applications and infrastructure. Using Loom Systems' platform enables both business and  IT professionals immediate visibility into their complete digital environments, enabling them to generate insights from raw data and derive actionable solutions in real time and moreover predict issues prior to a possible escalation and impact the user experience.


“We’re honored to be included in EMA Research’s report, which emphasizes the importance of bridging IT and business organizational functions, and aligning both around the same objectives“ Said Gabby Menachem, CEO and co-founder of Loom Systems. “Loom’s recognition as a sustainable solution reflects the need in a conjoint planning and execution process for both business and operations of every organization, with shared objectives reduce costs and maintain functionality at all times”.

About Loom Systems

Loom Systems is a leading AI-based log analysis company, providing an end-to-end log monitoring solution. Loom's coherent solution provides operational excellence, enabling any organization to succeed in the digital era. Loom Systems has been named Gartner “Cool Vendor” in Performance Analysis and has recently raised $6 from leading companies: JVP, Meron Capital and 31Ventures Global Innovation Fund. Visit our website https://www.loomsystems.com and follow us on Twitter @Loom_systems and LinkedIn.


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