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News & Press / NessPro will market Loom Systems' data analysis system

NessPro will market Loom Systems' data analysis system

August 30, 2016 – NessPro, Ness's software product group, has signed an exclusive marketing contract with Loom Systems, which developed an artificial intelligence based system for rapid and automatic operational data analysis on IT infrastructures and intra-organizational applications.

Many organizations implement expensive and manual log analysis solutions but fail to derive the data’s full value, since this is a process that requires methodology and the ability to extract insights out of a large volume of data - a task which becomes extremely difficult for a human-being in complex IT environments.

 Loom Ops simplifies the challenge by using models and algorithms of human thought, which automatically correlate and analyze the data and allow managers and other IT personnel to predict and solve problems before they affect the organization.

 After locating the problem, the system recommends solutions using its knowledge database.  It encourages users to add their own insights, so that when a problem recurs, the user knows immediately how to act, based on crowd wisdom and on organizational knowledge gathered. The system includes learning algorithms and an ever-growing knowledge base, and it monitors, constantly and in real time, the behavior of information systems while optimizing the various parameters.

 A dramatic shortening of the problem resolution process

 Loom Ops, with its patent-pending technology, is capable of receiving every type of text information, and automatically converting it from unstructured to structured.  Loom can also use information generated from other existing monitoring systems within the organization to expand its own monitoring capabilities.

 "Loom Ops quickly identifies the root cause of the problems (root cause analysis) and allows the IT team to solve them at lightning speed, while exposing the blind spots that are out of reach today," said Avner Maimon, Management and Monitoring Solution Architect at NessPro. "Loom Ops helps maintain the organizational systems' availability."

 "In today's digital world, the size, speed and variety of data are constantly growing, making manual analysis almost impossible.  Such analysis could harm the organization's business performance," says Ilan Spiegel, VP of Business Development at Loom Systems.  "The collaboration with NessPro will allow many organizations in Israel to benefit from our AI based automatic data analysis system, and maintain their IT system's optimal performance."

 "Loom Ops is an important addition to NessPro's range of solutions in the field of IT management and operations," said Dedi Dvorsky, NessPro's manager.  "It is a solution which uses artificial intelligence to find the reasons for malfunctions and to assist in decision-making, while dramatically shortening the duration of the resolution process."

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