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Predictive Ticketing™

No more complaints, get notified about your customer experience problems before your customers do

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Loom's Predictive Ticketing™ is revamping customer experience by taking it to levels not imagined before by solving issues before they occur ensuring a smooth, uninterrupted customer experience. 

Predictive Ticketing™ learns your ITSM-generated past incidents, correlates it with log records and predicts when the incidents are going to occur again. This ensures the organization's optimal business performance resulting in enhanced customer loyalty, lower churn rates, increased profitability and prolonged customer lifetime value (CLV).  

How it Works


Loom's solution, Sophie, helps enterprises solve incidents before they reach customers, ensures smooth IT operations with no downtime, no outages and no threat to ongoing activity. 

Predictive Ticketing: how it works
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Benefits of Predictive Ticketing™

Take your ITSM to a new level

Take your ITSM to a whole different level 

Detect & rectify customer incidents

Detect and rectify customer incidents earlier and faster

Boost performance

Boost performance with proactive AI-powered insights


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