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Predictive Ticketing™

Get notified about customer experience issues before your customers open a ticket

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Predict issues with AIOPs

Proactively Detect Issues

Auto-detect unknown issues without the need to set any alerting rules, cutting the Mean-Time-To-Detection by more than 95%.

Stop overflow bad tickets

Stop Ticket Overflow

Use predictive tickets to identify and resolve issues early, and prevent a tide of tickets from multiple affected customers and employees.

Loom Systems servicenow integration

Native ServiceNow Integration

Reduce triage and resolution time by auto-enriching ServiceNow tickets with root-cause, correlations, and recommendations.

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Loom's newest solution is revamping customer experience and taking it to the next level by solving issues
before they occur, ensuring a smooth, uninterrupted customer experience. 


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Sophie learns from your ServiceNow tickets, auto-correlates them to raw machine data in real-time, and prevents future incidents.

As an intelligent and autonomous solution, Sophie will open tickets on key issues before your customers do, enabling your team to become proactive and dramatically reduce Mean-Time-To-Detection by 400%.


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How Does it Work?

Loom's AIOps solution, Sophie, analyzes and correlates logs across your entire IT environment in real-time. Sophie leverages ML and Deep learning algorithms to learn from your routine system behavior and past tickets to detect possible future issues. Sophie will then open a "Predictive Ticket", enabling you to tend to the issue before your customers open a ticket.
More than just opening the ticket before your customers, once Sophie has detected an issue, she enriches the ticket with a probable root-cause and recommended resolutions using its knowledge base to help you proactively solve issues before your customers are even affected.

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Key Benefits

ITSM and AIOPs together

AIOps adds intelligence to ITSM

Automate remediation with AIOPs

Detect and solve customer incidents earlier and faster

Get insights and predictions

Boost performance with proactive AI-powered insights

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“With Loom Systems, our IT team can predict complex issues before they affect our business – critical to our operations and development teams. We can now proactively solve problems in minutes only”


Greg Miller, IT Director at RevTrak



Deliver Excellent Customer Experience with Predictive Ticketing™

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