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Loom's Pricing

Easily scales to fit your business needs

User 20 Users
Unlimited Data Unlimited Data*
Up to 100 Monitored Instances Up to 1,000  Monitored Instances
Dedicated Account Manager Dedicated Account Manager
Kickoff training session Kickoff training session
User 45 Users
Unlimited Data Unlimited Data*
Up to 1,000 Monitored Instances Up to 5,000 Monitored Instances
Weekly session with an expert data analyst Weekly session with an expert data analyst
Enterprise SLA Enterprise SLA

Available as SaaS or On-premise solution

Includes All Business Features
Large Enterprise
User Unlimited Users
Unlimited Data Unlimited Data*
Unlimited Monitored Instances 10,000+ Monitored Instances

Available as SaaS or On-premise solution

Includes All Enterprise Features

* Subject to the Loom Systems Acceptable Use Policy.
** Default retention policy is 2 weeks. 
*** Monitored instances are every Physical or Virtual Network Element, Server or Machine, that sends data to Loom. 

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Included in Every Plan
Our Solution:

  • Predicts and Reports IT Incidents

    Our solution predicts and notifies of IT incidents before users have a chance to notice.

  • Ingests All Types of Data

    Streaming or batch-processed, structured or unstructured, it ingests all types of data.

  • Recommends Next Steps and Solutions

    We recommend resolutions and enable users to retain and share knowledge by adding their own.

  • Correlates All Your Data

    Correlates all metrics and logs, exposing hidden issues and finding incidents' root-cause.

  • Automatic, Low-touch Approach

    Our solution manages parameter settings, baselines thresholds, and root-cause analysis.

  • Continuously Learns and Self-optimizes

    Improves through adaptive Machine Learning and a dynamic resolution database.

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