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AIOps for
IT Operational Excellence

Lead a Successful Digital Transformation With a Modern Hybrid IT

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What is AIOps?

AIOps stands for Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations

AIOps leverages Artificial Intelligence algorithms to help organizations battle Digital Transformation problems and reduce operational costs.


Webinar: What ROI to Expect from AIOps

The Easiest Path to AI Adoption

Loom's AIOps approach unlocks AI's ability to empower IT teams by replacing a broad range of IT operations manual processes and tasks, tying up different elements in the ITOps chain from monitoring to architecture. This enables siloed IT departments teams to act as one integrated and synchronized unit to drive the business forward by connecting the dots between IT and Business.

Loom’s AIOps system is comprised of 3 components:

1. Cutting-edge technology

2. A dedicated team of data analysts at your service

3. The only AI Operations Playbook in the market, including 6 stages to bring AIOps into your organization to maximize its benefits.

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Why do Modern Businesses Need AIOps?

  • AIOps gives you access to automated behavior prediction based on an analysis of infrastructure, applications, and users, letting you know in advance of issues that might affect both availability and performance.

  • AIOps lets you conduct root cause analysis by identifying and correlating issues across bigger swaths of data.

  • AIOps helps you make better-informed decisions by providing you with data-driven recommendations based on both real-time and historical data.



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Enter Loom AIOps

Loom is a leading provider of AIOps solutions recognized by Gartner. Loom's AIOps platform is leveraging smart AI and Machine Learning algorithms to automate the entire log analysis process and enable organizations to drastically cut their Mean-Time-to-Resolution.


Loom AIOps' Key Features:

  • Provide a vision of a "single pane of glass" across multiple technology stacks and generations together with root cause analysis in real time.

  • Rapid adoption of the new digital business use of disruptive technologies (containers, microservices, IoT, etc.) at scale.

  • Implementation of an automated, sustainable, scalable, and most importantly, useful event correlation that reduces alert noise/fatigue and speeds diagnosis



"By 2020, approximately 50% of enterprises will actively use AIOps platforms to provide insights into both business execution and IT operations."


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