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Cloud Migration with AIOps 

Predict & Prevent IT Issues in Hybrid Cloud Environments

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Moving to the cloud and monitoring your new stack? Sophie AIOps takes the burden off your shoulders by protecting your emerging infrastructures from issues that affect the business. Focus on higher-level tasks by bridging the monitoring skill gap, mitigating the risk of a fragile infrastructure, and enabling your team to become proactive by predicting issues and producing insights. We got your back(end).

How It Works

Loom Systems’ AIOps platform, Sophie, uses advanced patented machine-learning algorithms and Artificial Intelligence 
to detect and notify you about issues in your hybrid cloud environments. 

Cloud Assurance Architecture

Azure Monitoring



Migrating to Azure? Monitor your disparate environment directly from Azure's Log Analytics tool, Azure cloud or applications. Our AIOps solution acts as an intelligence layer on top of your Azure Log Analytics, and provides your team with resolutions and insights in plain English. 

Loom's AIOps is the only solution that already has the resolution database for Azure incidents. >> Sophie AIOps Overview on Azure Marketplace

AWS Monitoring



If AWS is your choice, AIOps will provide you with immediate insight into the uptime, performance, and availability of your applications and systems. Achieve quick diagnosis and resolving of applications and infrastructure issues before they impact your customers.

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Cloud Monitoring with Sophie AIOps

Increased Productivity



Sophie correlates all relevant events into one consolidated incident, reducing alert fatigue. Before an incident is created, it is measured against historical events, verifying that it is truly anomalous and not arising from seasonality.

Built-in Insights & Recommendations


Sophie enriches incidents with corrective insights and resolutions written in plain English, reducing MTTR by 45%.

Prevent P1 Incidents



By auto-detecting anomalies without the need to set any alerting rules or thresholds, Sophie empowers IT teams to become proactive about incidents that require their attention.

Stream any Data


On-premise, cloud or in a hybrid environment, Sophie's technology ingests any data.



"Loom Systems' AIOps technology saves us from hiring 20 people
to handle cloud incidents to only 3”

–Fortune 500 CPG Company–

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