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OpenStack Monitoring with AIOps

Predict and Prevent incidents impacting OpenStack performance before they happen.

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Gain Full Visibility into Your OpenStack Environment
Gain Full Visibility into Your OpenStack Environment

Current OpenStack environments' metrics are monitored using traditional tools, while logs are manually analyzed for root-cause analysis.


AIOps Automates OpenStack Root Cause

Loom's AIOps solution, Sophie, leverages AI to analyze all of your logs in real-time to detect and correlate anomalies across your entire OpenStack environment. By doing so, Sophie finds issues before they affect your business, and radically simplifies the root-cause analysis process. 


Sophie notifies your team of meaningful issues in your environment with the full context needed for troubleshooting, including the actual root-cause of the issue and recommended resolutions in plain English.


Improve MTTR by 47%




Be 4x More Proactive




Cut the Noise by 93%



 Loom Systems enables you to:


  • Get full operational insights including instant detection, isolation, and root-cause analysis for any anomaly without any manual configuration. No more skillset gap. 


  • Correlate events across the different OpenStack components to trace the exact root-cause of the detected issues.


  • Cut down mean-time-to-resolution by up to 47% by getting to the root-cause of application issues instantly. 

Monitor Your OpenStack Logs at Scale

Monitor Your OpenStack Logs at Scale

Learn how to access all of your OpenStack data in one place, at scale, and in real-time.

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Customer Story

KIO Networks uses Loom to monitor their OpenStack

Julio Calderon, Global Senior Product Manager at KIO Networks, joined our session at OpenStack Summit 2017 to speak about his experience with Loom's AI-powered OpenStack monitoring solution.

KIO  Loom Systems AIOPS

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