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Meet Sophie

You Don't Need to Ask Anything!
Sophie will make sure you already know

Sophie - Your Personal IT Assistant Powered by AI

By Leveraging AI - Sophie is your virtual assistant for the digital era, built to make the IT Operation job extremely easier:

  • Provides answers and recommendations coupled to the detected issues, automatically!
  • Gets your feedback and learns immediately for continuous improvement
  • Built for scale and real-time
  • Supports any human language

Get Exclusive Access to Our TriKB™

Sophie connects to our Tribal Knowledge Bank (or TrikB™), a multi-sourced knowledge management bank, and analyzes, in real time, the human-generated knowledge with the detected problems.

Sophie instantly finds the highly-rated recommendation and delivers it straight to your arms. No questions asked!






Introduce Sophie to Your Team

Sophie watches over your digital systems and informs you only of the things that matter

  • Built for scale and different types of environments.
  • No more queries! Sophie brings answers and the bottom line, so you don't have anything else to ask.
  • Continuously Learns how to be better for your business.