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Strategic Partner

Loom Systems allows OEM partners to easily embed its artificial intelligence monitoring capabilities in their existing platform.

  • Strategic PartnerIndependent Software / Hardware vendors can easily add automatic, real-time proactive log-based analysis to their products and amplify the value they provide their end customers:
    • Strategic PartnerFlexible Pricing Models – license our capabilities or share the revenue.
    • Strategic PartnerSimple Integration - Take advantage of our innovative technology by integrating Loom Systems’ data points in your platform via APIs, SDKs, webhooks and more.
    • 06c82a_831caab7b6ae43128e0c6e724c1d1af1-mv2.pngSmooth No data limitation -Collect, parse and analyze your customers big data on the fly using Loom Systems’ patented algorithms.
    • Strategic PartnerCustomized solution – Choose which of Loom Systems’ specific elements and modules to embedded into your software to create the perfect solution.

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