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Case Study
Clal Insurance
“Our previous toolset could only report issues when they were already happening. The time and effort to solve each issue was insufficient to keep our field agents and clients untouched.”
Haim Inger
CTO at Clal Insurance


Clal Insurance Enterprises Holdings Ltd. Group is part of the IDB Group. Clal employs 4,200 people and collaborates with 1,800 insurance agents. These activities position Clal as one of Israel's leading insurance, pension, and financial services groups.

The company's core applications needed to serve a vast number of users and agents to allow more agility into their field working process, and accelerate the business with real-time transactions. Looking for a better way to approach digital business, Clal Insurance established that they needed to track and detect issues in real-time before interrupting the core back-office process and affecting the line of business.


Both employees and customers of Clal Insurance wanted a better user experience with faster response times from their systems. Agents depend on application results to drive their business units. Faster resolution of issues means faster business, and faster business means new market opportunities.

The main challenges Loom Systems addressed are:

REACTIVENESS – The latest Infrastructure Monitoring and Log Management tools had been deployed in their IT environment but the IT team was receiving notifications on events that had already escalated, which enforced a reactive approach with a limited time to act upon.


CROSS-APPLICATIVE ISSUES – The long tail of applications and infrastructure related to each application, security elements, middleware, integration platforms, APIs and network equipment; made the performance of Root-Cause Analysis across this chain of components very time-consuming and labor-intensive.


IT COMPLEXITYThe company’s complex IT environment, which consists of thousands of working-stations and servers, distributed across different environments and geo-locations, with a mix of in-house applications and 3rd party tools, emits various types of data formats that is cumbersome to configure and monitor.



The company was looking for a way to predict IT incidents before escalation, in order to reduce the impact on the day-to-day business and make applications run flawlessly.

“We wanted to give our teams the ability to be proactive and enable the firm to be more competitive. We also wanted to make sure that as we grow, we are capable of detecting and resolving issues in real-time and keeping the business unaffected.”
Haim Inger

CTO at Clal Insurance


Clal Insurance uses different tools to monitor and analyze the data coming from different applications and required the existing staff to conduct excessive effort to manage and utilize each tool.

Loom Systems is an AIOps solution used predict, prevent and resolve IT incidents before they impact the end-user. Targeted at DevOps and IT professionals, Loom's AI-engine continuously analyzes logs and semi-structured data for immediate visibility into a company’s digital environment. Accelerating the detection and resolution of IT problems in real-time, Loom helps reduce the cost and complexity of working with operational analytics.

After deploying Loom, Clal's IT Operations and R&D teams were able to stream data from any application, without data preprocessing or configuration. 

“When we looked deeper into the powerful capabilities of Loom and tested the platform, we saw that it met all our needs and perfectly matched what we were looking for.” Said Inger.


PROACTIVE BUSINESS MONITORING- Detecting significant IT issues before they affect the business allows Clal Insurance to successfully maintain their digital operation with confidence.

FASTER ROOT-CAUSE ANALYSIS - Utilizing Loom’s automated root-cause analysis algorithms and correlation engine, reduced the mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR) dramatically.



Improvement in speed of resolving issues



Being proactive toward Clal's customer-facing issues



Annual ROI, calculated by (number of total issues handled by team) x (261 working days per year) x (Total Daily savings)


Clal Insurance has deployed Loom Systems at their HQ main-site, covering several environments in separate geo-locations with over 600 operational applications, each clustered on several nodes including; middleware, storage, networking, cyber security and InfoSec components compatible with SOC2 regulations . It is important to point out that all of Clal’s agents, as well as more than 4000 internal users depend on these environments everyday.

Loom helped Clal Insurance accomplish three specific goals:

  1. Proactively meet client needs.
  2. Reduce downtime by improving operational stability.
  3. Decrease complexity to solve IT incidents.

Resolving issues that once took a few hours now only take minutes. Operational teams have faster response-time and obtain better value from their data and analytics. They are armed with more actionable insights into the information than ever before and put less efforts in the analytics side to make keep their clients happy.


“Our users no longer complain about issues escalating and affecting the business. The application response times have been improved by 200-300%, providing both our customers and employees with a much better user experience.”
Haim Inger

CTO at Clal Insurance

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