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Case Study

“With Loom’s AIOps solution, Credorax is now more stable and the information collected is becoming more and more accurate and aligned with our operation teams, leading the way to operational excellence overall.”

Nir Carasso, VP BizOps


The Company
Credorax is a global fintech company specializing in acquirer solutions for payment service providers, independent sales organizations, and online merchants. With Credorax processing hundreds of online transactions per second; ensuring the company doesn’t miss a beat is critical for customer satisfaction and success.

The Challenge
With a sprawling tech ecosystem, Credorax’s complex infrastructure included many components that were overlooked, leading to dangerous blind-spots in their IT management, and requiring a solution which would provide full transparency across the entire stack.

Credorax encountered many points of failure in their entire IT stack, including proprietary applications, infrastructure, databases, firewalls, switches and more. While tools like ELK and Splunk were helpful with obvious or known issues, the team was still struggling with time-consuming data analysis and a complete inability to proactively catch unknown issues affecting the Credorax system.

The Solution
Credorax was seeking a solution that would reduce alert fatigue, help reduce MTTD and MTTR, enabling the relevant teams to focus efforts in the required areas.

Following the implementation of Loom’s AIOps solution, Credorax gained full visibility and a more complete picture of Credorax’s applications and infrastructure. Loom provides information on cross-applicative activities, including aggregation of anomalies, correlating between services, and suggestions for root-cause, providing alerts and incidents as well as heads up on production issues.

The Results
Loom provided Credorax added value in 2 main areas:

1. Business level: Loom enables Credorax to take advantage of big data analysis with in-depth insights into external issues occurring in the e-commerce industry, creating awareness of issues that Credorax can now help their end-clients with. This enabled their CSM team to be proactive, as they are better equipped with BI insight about failures and can notify relevant customers about anomalous business problems, such as transaction decline rates and similar issues.
2. Operational/infrastructure level: Loom’s built-in, root-cause analysis, empowered the support team to handle most application and infrastructure issues without escalation to DevOps or R&D, providing improved SLA support for end clients –Loom enabled Credorax to reduce MTTD and MTTR by 70% resulting in an overall improvement of operational stability.

Connecting the dots between business and Operations enabled Credorax to lead the way to operational excellence on the infrastructure level, and elevated customer service on the business level.

End Results:
With Loom’s AI-based solution, Credorax was capable of providing operational stability, leading to full transparency of their digital environment, providing insights into the unknown data, and generating meaningful insights. Loom combined the benefits of IT omniscience with insights for proactive business consulting.

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