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Case Study

“With Loom’s AIOps solution, we are now more stable and the information collected is accurate and aligned with our operation teams. This enables us to clean the white noise and focus on the right targets, leading the way to operational excellence.”

Nir Carasso, VP BizOps



$1 Million Prevented revenue loss annually

1+ Major unknown issue detected per week


1 Billion Logs streamed per week

50% MTTR reduction


The Company

Credorax is a leading global fintech company specializing in acquiring solutions for payment service providers. With the company processing hundreds of online transactions per second, ensuring customer satisfaction is critical for the business. 

The Challenge

With a sprawling tech ecosystem, Credorax’s complex infrastructure included many overlooked components, leading to dangerous blind-spots in their IT management. Credorax encountered many points of failure in their proprietary applications, infrastructure, databases, firewalls, switches and more. While tools like ELK and Splunk were helpful with known issues, the team was struggling with time-consuming data analysis and the inability to proactively catch unknown issues affecting their system and customers. 



The Solution

Credorax needed a solution that could provide full transparency across the entire IT stack; reducing alert fatigue and decreasing MTTR. After implementing Loom’s AIOps solution, Credorax gained a complete picture of their applications and infrastructure. Loom provides information on cross-applicative activities including aggregation of anomalies, correlation between services, suggestions for root-cause, as well as alerts on incidents and production issues.

In one concrete example, Loom's AIOps caught a failure in Credorax's transaction system for vending machines that likely would have taken the IT team more than a week to discover. When one particular component in their acquiring system went down, vending machines around the world ceased to provide customers with drinks and snacks. Loom immediately detected the issue and notified the team, who was able to fix it before escalating and impacting the business.

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