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Loom Systems Ops has been a real game changer for us; most companies have Log Management solutions but ignore advanced analytical techniques. By doing this, we have enabled ourselves to uncover and discover key issues in real time before they affect the business.

Arik Litichevskey
—Michal Lissauer, Chief Information Officer



in Mean Time To Recovery



in Number of Help Desk Tickets



in Production Pipeline

The Customer

Madanes Insurance Agency is the biggest private insurance company in Israel. The company’s customer management processes are managed using Microsoft Dynamic CRM.


The Challenge

Complexed environment – legacy systems and other systems led to situation in which it is very hard manage.

Insufficient level of continuity of service- which was critical.


The Solution

Deployed Loom Systems Ops to aggregate the logs and automate root cause analysis.

The Benefits

Predictive Maintenance: Loom Systems Ops allows the IT & R&D teams resolve issues before they escalate and improves the stability and performance of services Madanes provides to agents and customers.

“Finding the root cause of issues has made our organization proactive and intelligent. Furthermore, it's facilitated us to create more pipeline with the same or in some cases, even less resources.”

—Michal Lissauer, Chief Information Officer

Madanes Story

Madanes Insurance Agency is the biggest private insurance company in Israel, providing services to over 1 million customers with a focus on professional liability insurance.
The company’s customer management processes are managed using Microsoft Dynamic CRM,
which is used by over 400 end users in the organization.

The company’s IT environment creates a large volume of log data. As is the case in many organizations, the company’s IT team only analyzed these logs reactively, after a problem was detected either by their monitoring systems or by a user.

In those cases, the team would start manually digging through the CRM logs, going from server to server to try and locate the issue.

This process would be both time consuming and stressful, since the problem had high visibility for users and had to be resolved urgently.

After considering traditional log analysis tools, the R&D manager decided to evaluate Loom Systems Ops solution. Following a 90 minutes installation process, Microsoft Dynamic CRM system’s logs were already analyzed by loom systems solution, giving the IT team immediate visibility into the CRM.

The predictive maintenance approach enables the IT team to fully investigate and resolve incidents’ root cause, allowing for careful future-proofing, without having to rush through the process.

Getting the logs was not a problem, but having instant human understanding of the logs changed the pace and efficiency by which we worked. Reduction in manual involvement from high level IT engineers who were inundated with work trying to find the root cause of issues by Loom’s auto Root cause analysis.

As a result Madanes organization’s infrastructure stability increased and the number of help desk tickets decreased.

With Loom Ops, we’ve gone from being tactical and flying blind to being proactive and strategic. The real-time automated analysis provided by the Loom Ops platform enable us to detect issues in real time, improve our MTTR and drastically reduce system problems.
Nahum Bazes
Nahum Bazes
R&D Group Manager

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