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Predictive Maintenance for Microsoft
Dynamics CRM with Loom

Microsoft Dynamics

Transforming Dynamics CRM Maintenance to Meet the Needs of the
Digital Revolution

Microsoft Dynamics CRM lies at the heart of your business and its ongoing health and stability are of critical importance. While many enterprises have, in light of their lean resources, adopted a preventative approach to maintaining the Microsoft CRM, others are seeing superior results when opting for Predictive Maintenance techniques.

Predictive Maintenance differs from Preventative Maintenance because it enables IT and R&D teams to gain a true assessment of the system rather than rely on average or expected life statistics. With Loom's AI-based solution, Predictive Maintenance has evolved to be more accurate, smarter and its results far more effective.

From Reactive to Proactive - Prevent Problems in the Business,
Address Them Before They Reach Your Customers

Database Metrics & Log Analysis

The era of digital transformation has placed data, and the technologies that utilize it at the heart of any organization. But maintenance of the MS CRM database is a growing challenge for most organizations because the techniques used to carry out these admin tasks are both out-of-date and reactive. In a digital business, being reactive can mean that your customers are the ones reporting your problems and this is harmful in itself. This is further compounded if your maintenance techniques are also causing availability issues.

Because the CRM is such a crucial part of any organization today, Loom has harnessed it's AI platform to roll out a solution that enable teams to be constantly aware of the CRM's status and health.

Finding the Root-Cause is Both a Real-time
and a Long-term Solution


IT and R&D teams often find themselves challenged with the task of 'digging through logs' in an attempt to find out what went wrong. Unfortunately in technology, what went wrong is not necessarily the root cause of your problem and if you don't dig deep enough the problem will recur and possibly cause damage somewhere else in the network. Loom brings AI and machine learning to the enterprise network so that teams can address the root cause of any anomaly. Providing real-time awareness of an anomaly before it causes damage lies at the foundations of the Loom System solution.

But Loom is the industry's first system to take this support a step further by suggesting the recommended actions to take and enabling teams to automate these remedies in the future. This way, your teams are freed from the time-consuming and often fruitless process of locating the root cause, addressing it and preventing its recurrence.

Loom Systems was developed by and for teams just like yours to help your enterprise both survive and thrive the Digital Revolution - and it requires zero maintenance.

How Companies Use Loom to Prevent
Problems in Their Dynamics CRM

Madanes Insurance Agency is the biggest private insurance company in Israel, providing services to over 1 million customers with a focus on professional liability insurance.

The company’s customer management processes are managed using Microsoft Dynamic CRM, which is used by over 400 end users in the organization.

The predictive maintenance approach enables Madanes IT team to fully investigate and troubleshoot incidents’ root cause, allowing for careful future-proofing, without having to rush through the process.

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"Loom Ops has been a real game changer for us; most companies have Log Management solutions but ignore advanced analytical techniques.

By doing this, we have enabled ourselves to uncover and discover key issues in real time before they affect the business.

Michal Lissauer
Michal Lissauer
CIO, Madanes
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Predict the Next Dynamics CRM Problems With Loom

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