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Case Study
Protein Data Bank

“Loom has become an integral piece of our DevOps culture, providing insight that drives how we respond to the growing needs of our users.”

Cole Christie, Site Manager for the RCSB PDB, UC San Diego


The Company
The Protein Data Bank (PDB) archive is the single worldwide repository of information about the 3D structures of large biological molecules, including proteins and nucleic acids. The structures in the archive range from tiny proteins and bits of DNA to complex molecular machines like the ribosome. The PDB was established in 1971 and moved to Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, as well as the University of California San Diego, in 1998. As such, The RCSB PDB has a highly complex OpenStack deployment, operating from multiple geographical locations, with an extremely large amount of data.

The Pain
Buried under events from their various applications, the PDB team struggled to effectively detect, triage and remediate critical IT and application incidents. Issues were often first discovered by users or staff and then brought to the team’s attention via support tickets.

The Solution
The RCSB PDB and its team selected Loom Systems as their platform to automatically correlate issues across their OpenStack deployment and the applications that run on it. This choice has helped them detect and prevent problems in real time. Powered by artificial intelligence, Loom Systems provides an end-to-end solution, simplifying monitoring across infrastructure and applications, and providing valuable insight into the root-cause of issues in minutes.

The Results
With its powerful engine, Loom Systems has saved the RCSB PDB and its staff at both UC San Diego and Rutgers up to 8 hours of manual work each week, helping them to spot critical issues in advance, dramatically reduce their MTTR (mean time to resolution) and resolve issues before they escalate. As a direct result, the RCSB PDB has been able to accelerate their software development while simultaneously improving the quality of their services.

The results showed that the RCSB PDB could:

Insight Increase their ability to proactively identify IT issues customer returns 
RCA Conduct more efficient root
cause analysis
Proactive Correlate issues from different services and applications

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