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Case Study

“Loom Systems’ AI capabilities automate processes that could revolutionize IT Operations”

Kenryo Shirai, Director of Network Planning


SoftBank Corp.(ソフトバンク株式会社), a subsidiary of SoftBank Group Corp., provides mobile communication, fixed-line communication and Internet connection services to customers in Japan.

SoftBank has a highly complex system with an extremely large amount of data, and struggled to derive the necessary intelligence out of the data to properly detect and resolve issues at the level their customers and users expected. Existing monitoring tools only found repeatable issues that the team knew to look for and required far too much manual effort from their team to resolve.

To rectify these issues and improve the quality of their IT operations, SoftBank pursued Loom Systems to evaluate a platform that could automatically correlate issues across their applications and infrastructure and help them predict and prevent problems in real time.

Powered by artificial intelligence, Loom Systems provides an end-to-end solution, simplifying monitoring across infrastructure and applications, providing root-cause of issues in minutes. Loom’s AI engine, called Sophie, eliminates manual labor by automating data preparation, detecting anomalies in the IT stack and correlating abnormal behaviors to detect and solve issues before they escalate.

SoftBank believes that automation of operations is a key part of their future success.

The Company SoftBank Corp.

Location | Japan

Service | Telecommunications and more

Challenge | Large data silos across the environment causing difficulty monitoring multi-layered issues and correlations

Solution | SoftBank tested Loom for two key benefits: the aggregation all data in one location to automate the ability to recognize abnormal behavior and to find the necessary correlations in real time.

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