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Product Videos

OpenStack Log Monitoring Made Easy with AIOps

Watch this video to learn how Loom leverages machine learning algorithms to automate OpenStack log analysis. See how OpenStack users can gain real-time and full visibility into their environment.

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Customer Stories

OpenStack Monitoring Using AI - KIO Networks

Julio Calderon, Global Senior Product Manager at KIO Networks, joined our session at OpenStack Summit 2017 to speak about his experience with using Loom Systems to gain better visibility into his OpenStack environment.

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Applying AI to Root-cause Analysis

DevOps.com and Loom VP Product, Dror Mann, explain how applying AI to root-cause analysis made it possible to compensate for human shortcomings and cognitive biases when practicing root-cause analysis in the complexity of digital environments.

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Proactive Monitoring: Playing Offense for the Win

Learn how to leverage the power of AI to adopt a more proactive approach when monitoring your IT environment.

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Loom Talks

Oracle OpenWorld 2018: Gabby Menachem unveils Sophie 3.0

Loom Systems co-founder and CEO Gabby Menachem unveils Sophie 3.0 live! Watch how Loom's AIOps solution disrupts the industry by taking automation to the next level.

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InteropITX 2018: Gabby Menachem talks about Predicting Customer Tickets

Loom Systems CEO, Gabby Menachem, talked at InteropITX conference about applying AI to the ITSM world to predict customer tickets and enhance root cause analysis.

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Keynote: Predictive IT at SV Devops Meetup 2016

IT environments are only getting more complex. The competition for knowledge and human capital is increasing just as fast. This leaves most IT organizations with no other option than to fight fires and react to critical issues that keep the lights on. Predictive analytics offers hope and John Hulwick explains how.

Interview: Sabo Taylor Diab at CloudEXPO New York 2017

Sabo Taylor Diab explains how Loom applies machine learning to the entire log analysis process, to know what and where the issues are and how to solve them.

Introduction to AI-powered Log Analysis

Loom Systems VP Product, Dror Mann, explains how Loom's AI-powered log analysis platform works and what is the unique value organizations generate by using it.

Microsoft Accelerator's Spot On Pitch sponsored by TechCrunch

Loom Systems CEO, Gabby Menachem, talks about leveraging artificial intelligence to predict & prevent problems in the digital business.

Interview: Gabby Menachem, Loom Systems CEO, at O'Reilly® Velocity 2016

Loom Systems CEO, Gabby Menahem, sat down with Mike Hendrickson at O'Reilly® Velocity conference 2016 in Santa Clara for an interview on Loom Systems Ops' features and being insight-driven using artificial intelligence.

Interview: Dror Mann, Loom Systems VP Product, at O'Reilly® Velocity 2016

Mike Hendrickson visited Loom Systems' booth at O'Reilly® Velocity 2016 in Santa Clara and interviewed the VP product Dror Mann on radically simplifying root cause analysis by fully-automating log analysis.


Explainer Video: Radically Simplify Root Cause Analysis Using AI

Get to know Loom Systems Ops, the newest and most reliable IT manager's wingman, in less than 2 minutes.

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Explainer Video: Empower SysAdmins by Automating Root Cause Analysis

Stop using manual methods to identify the Root Cause. Learn how Loom Systems empowers SysAdmins by providing them with the Root Cause of IT issues in Real Time.

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