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AI-powered VMware Log Monitoring with Loom

Proactive & Fully Automated Operational Analytics for Your VMWare Cloud Environments.

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Meet LUCI™, Loom Unified Cloud Intelligence

Loom Unified Cloud Intelligence (LUCI) changes the way private and hybrid cloud environments are monitored. It is the only automated log analysis platform that alerts you when an event is triggered and helps you determine which part of the system has an error, including a recommended resolution to save your time. 

Key Benefits for Using Loom Unified Cloud Intelligence:

Time to Value - Low touch and easy deployment, SaaS or on-premise, requiring no data structures to configure, no thresholds to set, and provides actionable insights in less than 30 minutes.

✔ Auto-detection of Issues in Real-time - LUCI discovers patterns within the data and learns the unique data behavior. LUCI sets dynamic thresholds in real-time to detect emerging issues at the very beginning.

✔ Cross-applications Events Correlation - LUCI applies
entity based analysis and cognitive reasoning to detect
issues across the vCloud entire stack, including all layers
of the application: Cloud, Virtualization, Infrastructure
and Network.

AI-based Root-cause Analysis - LUCI is capable of
correlating entities with events and provide the
root-cause of issues in real-time.

Watch it in Action

Watch this short video to learn how LUCI works:

Customers using Loom benefit from a number of unique capabilities:

Become Proactive - By leveraging advanced machine-learning algorithms, LUCI discovers patterns within the logs and learns the
unique data behavior. LUCI automatically sets dynamic thresholds based on the data signature in real-time to detect emerging issues at the very beginning and proactively notifies you of problems in your hybrid cloud.

Improve MTTR by 45% - LUCI is able to pinpoint the underlying root cause of any application problem in minutes, allowing you to provide the fastest service and resolution to any IT problem.
Furthermore, LUCI enriches the detected problems with recommended resolutions and action items in real time, using its ever-growing proprietary, Tribal knowledge bankTM (TriKB). 



ai-powered vmware monitoring

Improve Your
MTTR by 45%

ai-powered vmware monitoring

Become 4x
More Proactive

AI-powered vmware monitoring

Cut Alert Noise by more than 93%

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An Automated and Proactive Approach to Monitoring

Loom Systems has developed the next-generation, AI-powered log management and analytics solution. Loom Unified Cloud Intelligence is an enterprise-class, real-time, petabyte-scale solution, delivered on premise or as a cloud-based service for every private or hybrid environment.

Unlike traditional monitoring tools, which rely on static thresholds, Loom Unified Cloud Intelligence combines machine learning algorithms which automatically sets baselines for your application and your Cloud virtualized infrastructure components including Physical layer(compute, storage, network), Virtual layer (vSphere, vCenter, ESXi, NSX), Cloud (vCloud director, vRealize) and any business applications (Web, SAP, Oracle, proprietary).

LUCI automatically provides you with the root cause of problems in real time — allowing you to fix them faster. Gone are the days of having to manually interpret dozens of data sources to identify the root cause. Instead of receiving hundreds of alerts with the symptoms of a problem, LUCI provides a single problem notification that identifies the root cause of the problem.

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