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On-Demand Webinar:
Confessions of a CIO: Choosing the right tools
for business-driven IT

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Get better answers to IT issues,
by knowing the right questions

The era of digital transformation makes IT monitoring more complex than ever before. Standard monitoring solutions are not adaptive enough and are not suitable anymore for organizations seeking to excel in their digital environment. So how do you choose the right monitoring solution?

This question is crucial for anyone who is looking for a better understanding of their IT environment. Choosing the right monitoring solution is vital for your business stability, growth and it is also has a financial impact: using the wrong solution can cost you more when you realize that your IT department is chasing its own tail.

So if you want to learn how and why choosing the right monitoring solution is crucial, this webinar is for you. The webinar is hosted by Loom's Tech Evangelist Tim McGraw.

During the webinar, Tim will discusses the following topics:

  1. Key considerations when searching for a good log monitoring solution.
  2. How to Protect your IT infrastructure utilizing machine learning techniques? 
  3. Outsource or in-house solutions? Weighing the pros and cons.
And a bonus: Why Tim left his day job to join a log monitoring startup? 


Tim McGraw

Technology Evangelist at Loom Systems, Former IT Director at Bicycle Transit Systems. Tim provides strategic technology management, scalable and robust architectures, complex business analysis and integration.