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Predicting Customer Tickets: AI in IT Ops

This webinar discusses the current state of the IT journey and its reverse engineering; we will also present a brief analysis of a new and exciting AI-aided way of problem-solving in the IT stack. The IT journey is comprised of a few important steps: from ticket language through the symptomatic description of the issue to alerts and finally to root cause investigations.

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Reach Operational Excellence with AI

Did you know that 54% of enterprises admit that they lack the staff with the right AIOps skills to manifest their AI-implementation roadmap? In this webinar, Yitz Fink, Solution Expert at Loom Systems, discusses the challenges in AI Adoption and suggests how to lead a successful implementation in an organization. Yitz Introduces Loom's IT Operation excellence: true AI-technology, experienced data analysts, and the AI-playbook. Watch it now >>

Confessions of a CIO: How to Choose a Sustainable Monitoring Solution

Throughout this webinar, we discuss the key considerations when searching a good log monitoring solution, how to protect your IT infrastructure utilizing machine learning techniques, and weighing the pros and cons of outsourcing vs. in-house solutions. Watch it now >>

Applying AI to OpenStack Monitoring

In this webinar, we cover the topic of leveraging AI for analyzing logs in an OpenStack environment. We explore How to gain real-time visibility across the OpenStack deployment, and how to trace the exact root-cause of the OpenStack issues faster. Watch it now >>

Applying AI to Root-cause Analysis

DevOps.com and Loom VP Product, Dror Mann, explain how applying AI to root-cause analysis made it possible to compensate for human shortcomings and cognitive biases when practicing root-cause analysis in the complexity of digital environments.

Proactive Monitoring: Playing Offense for the Win

Learn how to leverage the power of AI to adopt a more proactive approach when monitoring your IT environment.

Partners Webinar: the Future of ITOps

A unique webinar with Loom's VP Product Dror Mann and our Global Channel Sales Director Avi Friedman. Watch it now >>

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