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The Revolution of Data Visibility: How Data Visibility Has Changed in the Age of Automation

The IT Operations department is central to any organization. It provides important business insights, improves the customer relationship, and helps employees be more efficient. But, more than anything else, IT Operations departments are first and foremost responsible for delivering high-quality business services so that the organization at large can attain a competitive advantage and be more profitable. An IT Operations department that is under-performing can have disastrous consequences on the organization, from lowered productivity to lost revenue to reduced market position, all the way down to total business failure.

The IT Operations department reflects so much more than just the end-product that employees and customers depend on, it’s also the entire chain that supports it, including everything from physical and virtualized servers to databases, middle-ware, storage and networks. A failure at any step will eventually affect the end-product and can result in anything from a small inconvenience to the organization shutting down. It’s crucial that IT Operations departments have complete visibility into the entire environment so they can prevent issues before they affect the delivery chain.

Revolution of Data Visibility